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Thai chili sauce


Prik Pao chili sauce is obtained by crushing fried small onions, garlic, shrimp and dried sweet peppers.These ingredients are then fried together in oil.This Prik Pao chili sauce is used in many Thai recipes.It is usually an important ingredient:

Especially in the world-famous soup: Tom Yum GoongTom Yam KungSoak 15 g of tamarind paste in 50 ml of boiling water.Cover to soften faster.Cut into small pieces: 60 g small onions,And 20 grams of garlic.Remove 15 grams of dried sweet pepper seeds.

Fry the ingredients separately, as each ingredient requires a different time and temperature.Be careful not to burn them.Quickly fry the peppers over low heat. About 6 to 7 seconds.Fry garlic over medium heat.

Once they start turning yellow, remove them.Fry the small onions over medium heat.Once they start turning yellow, remove them.Finally, turn to low heat and fry the shrimps for 15 seconds.Then crush the pepper.Add shrimp and a little salt. add onions and garlic.Rub the tamarind paste.Strain to retain juice.Pour out almost all the oil in the pan,Save about 3 tablespoons.Heat over low heat.Add crushed ingredients.Stir briefly,Add tamarind juice,Stir briefly.Finally add 10 grams of palm sugar.Stir briefly and turn off the fire.This Prik Pao chili sauce can be kept in the refrigerator for many months.You can make a large quantity for multiple recipes.Prik Pao hot sauce can make a simple dish into a very special one.And it will make us travel to Thailand immediately.

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