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Smoking lungs show the real role of smoking


Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial School.Anti- SmokingSmoking Pig Lung Demonstration.Apparatus: Fresh Pig Lung, cigarette X60Vacuum Chamber, Vacuum Pump.When the vacuum pump turn on,air rush into the pig lung.When the pump turn off,air breath out.Then, we start with the cigarette,as the air pressure inside the chamber decreasing.You can see that the inflation of the lung.

Turn off the pump, the smoke come out.Next, the pig lung will have 60 cigarette.Notice the color change of the pig lung.Right hand side is unpolluted.and also the tar inside.Dissection,Check the color of a fresh trachea,which is white in color.Let's see how is the smoking one.which is yellow-brown in color.The trachea was smoked with tar.Student ask: Is the smoker's lung like this?Sure! And that's why the smoker usually feel their trachea dry,and always get coughing easily.Student ask: Can we clean such dirt away?Imagine if we want to wash a pig's lung,we can use water to brush it.But how to do this in human's lung.Although our lung can carry out metabolism,our lung is not design for removing such dirt!

Now, we dissect across the bronchus,and see how deep can the dirt penetrate.Now compare with the fresh pig's lung.It's just the effect of 60 cigarettes,If in average, people smoke 10 cigarettes a day,30,006 cigarettes in 10 years,140,000 cigarettes in 40 years,

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