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LOHAS nutritionist shanfanyuan


The efficacy and introduction of mountain flourShan Fan Yuan is also known as Shan Xiang and frog lays eggs. After the seeds of this product are boiled with water, a white semi-permeable membrane appears on the periphery of the seeds, much like white Fan Yuan. It is commonly sold in mountain shops in the central mountainous regions of Taiwan or in Taiwan's provincial beverage stores.Sexual taste function: hard, bitter, flat. Shufeng dampness, qi and stasis. Seeds: Ganliang, clearing away heat and dampness, and detoxifying.

Benefits: It has the effects of strengthening the stomach and intestines, annealing, and lowering blood pressure. Its medicinal functions are dredging wind, dispersing blood stasis, detoxifying, relieving pain, and being a good medicine for relieving wind.Precautions (taboos): 1. Properties are cool, qi is weak, and those with cold stomach eat less.2. The summer and summer weather is hot. The mountain noodle is a delicious and delicious summer sacred product. Do n’t forget to drink in moderation to help your body and mind relax and health.Don’t drank cows ’food madly. This method of“ cow's drinking ”is not a way to keep yourself healthy. It will not help your health. 

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