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Salmon, asparagus, cheese, rotten skin roll


Today, I will make a more fusion dish called salmon cheese and bamboo shoots.Covered salmon and cheese with rotten skin, both of which are FUSION.First introduce materials: chicken sauce, mayonnaise.There are rot skin, we use the rot skin, salmon, and bamboo shoots of the tree.mozzarella cheese, permesan cheese.And salad dishes.First of all, when we handle salmon, we must peel and cut to the end.After cutting into the skin, cut it slowly for 40 degrees, and slowly cut, the skin naturally starts.It may take a little more time to succeed.Cut later, about half an inch thick.Cut into two pieces and cut a knife in the middle, this becomes the filling, like a usual roll sushi.After that, pickled salmon, put a little ravioli, a little black pepper, it's that simpleThen it started to wrap, salmon on top.

Remember to leave half an inch on both sides.Then put two pieces of cheese.Again.You can go upside down when you follow it. Like Bao Shou, you fold the two sides together, and then press forward with a strong push.About two packs of rotten skin. Take it back and lay it flat.After that, I will teach everyone to make sauce, which is Thai chicken sauce and mayonnaise.Preparing PAN for heat.Put the oil, put the rotten skin roll down after putting in the oil, remember to keep the bottom down.When heated when fried, it shrinks and then sticks together.Slowly fry.Fry the carrion rolls until they turn color, and the salmon should be cooked.Then cut it diagonally and place it on the prepared dish.If you like this dish, salmon cheese tofu rollThen give us a LIKE, or subscribe to our channel, I hope you like

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