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Innovation of asparagus beef roll, delicious and nutritious


After washing, cut the asparagus into two segments.We now cut the beef into small chunks.Put them in the blender then.Add a little chopped onion,a spoonful of light soy sauce (生抽),a little oyster sauce (蠔油),a large spoonful of starch,half a spoonful of black pepper,and lastly, a little cooking oil.Blend it into ground beef.

Look. The ground beef is very sticky now.Let's transfer it to the bowl.Add a small spoonful of salt to boiling water in a pan.Blanch the asparagus.Ok. After about 30 seconds, remove them from the pan.Next, we take a spoonful of ground beef.Spread it evenly on the plastic wrap.A thin but not thick layer.Place an asparagus spear in the centre.Roll over it using the plastic wrap.Press lightly to hold tight.That's it.All done.To half a bowl of water, add a spoonful of oyster sauce (蠔油),and a spoonful of starch. Mix well.Next, we heat a little oil in a pan.Sauté the asparagus slowly over low heat.

When one side is golden brown, flip to brown the other.Done with it, add starchy water just prepared.Replace the lid, braise over medium heat until the sauce is thickened.Ok~ It's done.Have them plated and it's ready to serve.Baste with the sauce."Asparagus Beef Roll (蘆筍牛肉卷)", a unique preparation. Looks great, and yummy~Give it a try. 

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