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Containers are classified according to the purpose, popularize the simple knowledge of containers.

there are many kinds

Special containers and ordinary containers are actually not very different. Due s17+ antminerto various requirements, the structure and equipment of containers need to be designed and modified in different ways. Because of its wide range of applications, so there are many kinds of special containers, here is a brief introduction to the main types of special containers.

Open top special container, is a container without top or open top, using crane to load and unload heavy objects from the top. This container is suitable for loading glass panels, steel, plywood, machinery and equipment and other ultra-high cargo.

Frame special operation container, which is as a business without the top and the wall, box end wall can be removed, leaving only the bottom of the box and four corner posts to bear the cargo load of the container. This development container company generally can be applied to China can not be directly loaded into a grocery container or open top container within the long large pieces, super heavy pieces, light bubble cargo, heavy engineering machinery, steel, steel pipes, bare equipment, etc., will occur the main convergence load of heavy goods, super standard goods, not afraid of our wind and rain for the raid of goods, the need from the box top or box side through the loading of goods, and social needs in the box The use of fixed goods.

Special bulk containers, suitable for soybeans, rice, malt, flour, feed and cement, resin, borax, chemical materials Miner shopand other bulk powder containers. For imported grain and other goods that require phytosanitary measures, some need to be fumigated and disinfected in the anchorage outside the port. On the bulk container can be provided for drug fumigation and fumigation gas outlet openings, and during the fumigation may require such containers to maintain complete airtightness.

Tank special container, is suitable for loading liquid cargo such as alcohol, oil, chemicals, dangerous goods and other containers. This container has a special structure and equipment suitable for loading such goods. When loading, the goods from the top of the tank loading hole into; unloading, the goods by gravity automatically from the bottom discharge port, or from the top loading port suction out.

These are the differences from their appearance and basic use. In fact, there are many kinds of special containers, portable containerwhich have basically the same appearance but different functions.