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Keep fit and fit


How do you keep fit?What do you do to stay in shape?So how do I keep fit and how do I stay in shape?The first thing, and the biggest part, isprobably my diet.I don't eat a lot of sugar, I don't eat alot of donuts and cake and candy.I try to cut out sugars, and carbohydrates,as much as I can.I eat as healthy as I can throughout the dayand I feel that that helps me to stay healthy,stay in shape, stay feeling fit.The other part of it, I have a daily routine where I wake up early, and I actually do anhour workout in the morning, every morning.

So that might be, I might go out for a runfor an hour, or a jog, or a walk, or I'llgo to the gym, or just at home do some sortof work out, maybe some push ups, or some abworkouts, some crunches, or something likethat.But yeah, I do that every morning, I feel that it, gets me up, get me motivated, getsme ready for the day.But yeah, that's how I keep fit and I stayin shape, most of it is really the diet.Just eating healthy, and staying away from candy, and do nuts, and cake, and sugar, andall that.

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