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Ouyang Nini purulent tonsil "myrrh doctor"!


Ouyang Niini's purulent tonsils "myrrh doctor"! 17-year crop of virus.Ouyang Nini ’s peak weight in life was 64 kg. She then decided to exercise as much as possible for 2 hours a day, and gradually lost her weight. Her body fat was only 18%. She usually had exercise habits, but she was still not healthy enough. The Qun website revealed that the doctor had diagnosed with purulent tonsils, and there is no medicine to cure the disease at present, so I can only find a way to fight it!

Ouyang Nini revealed on Instagram that she had a fever for a week and originally thought it was a cold, but after seeing the doctor, she found that she actually got purulent tonsils, and the bacterium was originally not a medicine. What's even more unbelievable is that the doctor told her that this was a virus that had been infected before the age of five, and it has only suddenly occurred until now, which is equivalent to hiding in her body for 17 years, well ... I have to continue working hard.

As a matter of fact, Ouyang Nini ’s physical condition has not eaten since noon in order to lose weight. After about 2 weeks, my stomach began to be intolerable. Later, I was more normal for a month, and I tried to eat less oil. Less salt, but then began to anorexia and did not want to eat food. Until she gradually changed her eating habits and started eating some desserts and dark chocolate to make her feel better.Ouyang Nini later found a healthy way to lose weight, focusing on pursuing health. Ingesting a certain amount of starch is necessary. Eat boiled meals and hot vegetables every day. Try to exercise for 2 hours every day, aerobic and heavy training for 1 hour each. Now She pays more attention to the line, and will probably go to the gym to play boxing 3 times, because with interaction and aerobic!

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