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Creatista Pro- milk based coffee preparation


This tutorial will guide you through the everyday use of your new Creatista Pro machine and show you how to prepare delicious Nespresso milk drinks.Fill the water tank with fresh potable water and turn the machine .ON by pressing the power button.Lift the lever, insert a capsule and close the lever.First, fill your milk jug between the Minimun and Maximum signs.You will find our recommended milk volumesfor each recipe in the user manual.Then, put the milk jug in positionand make sure it is positioned on the sensor.

Push to unlock the cup support and place a cappuccino cup under the coffee outlet.Swipe up or down to navigate and tap to select the Flat White preparation.You can tap on the touch screen to adjust your drinks seetings,coffee volume or milk temperature.Then, tap to start.Coffee extraction and milk texturing are now happening simultaneously. *Simultaneous coffee extraction & milk texturing only available on 220-240V machines.When the process is finished, take your cup and jug and wipe the steam wand immediately after use with a clean, damp cloth.Then release it to auto rinse.Pour the frothed milk into your espresso.Your Flat White is now ready to enjoy !With your new Creatista Pro machine,you can now customise and save the drinks settings to your taste.

To save your custom drink,adjust the parameters of an existing beverage and press on the +.Choose a drink image, enter a drink name and tap on tick button.Your custom drink will be added to your drinks menu.Your Creatista Pro machine offers many milk drinks preparations,such as latte macchiato, flat white, cappuccino, or cafe latte.Thank you for watching this tutorial.Should you need more information,please visit Nespresso.com

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