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Cheap car glass cutters to help you get out of trouble when trapped in a car


Matt Granite :”Today's savings on a life-saving essential. Just another regular day on the job. I find huge deals, many of them essential products to not only, in today's sense, benefit your life, but save your life. Something every subscriber and viewer right now needs in their glove compartment. And in a moment, I'm gonna speak with a local hero, AKA a fire chief, about what is in my hand and why this is such a necessity.

Now today's deal,one of the top rated window breakers and seat belt cutters is now down to under 10 bucks.This is a top rated product,and while there are a lot of knock off's online that look exactly the same,this particular product tested better and performed better than any of the competitors.And this deal, which is located right under this video screen is a limited time price drop.

Now, beside me, that hero I alluded to, South Wilson Fire Chief Thilk.Thank you so much for being here.”

Thilk :”Thank you and welcome.”

Matt Granite :”Thank you!I feel very welcome.I've never been this close to a fire truck.Take me through what's in my hand.You identified this right away.”

Thilk :”This is a windshield hammer.Used to break the windows out of a vehicle.Comes very handy.Especially in today's vehicles.They have tempered glass in 'em.You will not be able to get out of the vehicle for any reason if you're trying to break it,without this pointy.You just strike on the corner of the glass,any corner, and it'll shatter into pebbles. ”

Matt Granite :”And actually, you just identified a very important point.A lot of people and I've even seen some YouTube videos,they show someone striking the middle.That is not what you want to do.You wanna go sometimes for a lower corner, right? ”

Thilk :”Correct. ”

Matt Granite :”Down where you can reach it. ”

Thilk :”In the corner where you can get a good,unobstructed pass at it.Hit it with the point.Close to any corner, it should shatter. ”


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