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The king of the mountain of the quiet life

The king of the mountain of the quiet life

There's really no difference between here and home it's just everything is compacted down to a fourteen by fourteen room Ionce you start staff in your lookout you're gonna be working ten days on four days off late June until usually mid September it's a pretty quiet existencethis might twenty fourth season is fire lookout and really it's just you and the wind and the time just melts away my name is Leif Haugen and we're at tomo localitya fire lookout is a structure that sits on top of a mountain or rich top that has a good view of the surrounding countryand the staff are then is tasked with living there for extended periods to watch for fire it's funny 

Because I get a lot of questions about the standard day you wake up with the sun I mean it's hard to sleep in a room of glass much beyond sunrise first thing I'll do is make a cup of coffee usually I'll have that first cup of coffee on the front porchset out there watched the sun come up certainly every morning I go up for a walk check in at tengo on ahead good morning I have sixty seven I take the weather every day at to and check out at four fifteenhave a good day I think the solitary nature when there's really no fires going the only thing I might do is checking on the radio twice a day that might be the only time I really talk unless 

I'm talking to myselfI think what's so tricky sometimes talking about the lookout experience is your not talking to anybody about it so you more into it you more experienceI think that's why I was used term residents because you just can feel it and sense it maybe that's fanciful but it certainly is the way I feel about it you know you just find yourself sitting on the porch watching the world go by for hours on end it's beautifulwhen you look at your life style of a fire lookout it can be a hard choice at times too you know I'm missing a wedding tonightover the course of summer you might miss a lot of stuff in your life but certainly every summer I keep coming back because living on top of a mountain for days on and it's just such a beautiful chance at making a life of it

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