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King Penguin chubby put on new clothes


Do you remember this sound? :)That is..."It's me!"The King Penguin Du Pang that just turned 10 monthsAlready molted and lost its furry coatAnd is wearing its King Penguin outfit just like its mommy and daddy!After Du Pang's first molting,Its beak is all blackand the spot behind its eyes is still yellowIt will turn into an orange-red color like the others after about a yearAnd, the top of its head still hasn't completely molted yetThe color of the top of its head looks shinier!"Today we're going out to play!"See if you can find Du Pang!Before, the King Penguins were moltingSo the keepers let them stay indoors to "concentrate" on moltingNow everyone has their new coatsIncluding Du Pang,There are a total of 7 King Penguins that have returned to the exhibit.After taking a break from the exhibit,Du Pang follows his mother, Mei Guai, who leads the groupand they waddle out togetherDo you remember Du Pang's traits that we just talked about?When Du Pang stands with everyone, it's easier to tell it apart from the othersTry to find Du Pang!Where is the Black Beak, Yellow Spot behind the eyes, and Light Yellow-Chested Du Pang?"I'm right here!"The curious baby Du Pang is like its mother Mei Guai.They like exploring and they like to try new things.For example...Eating Ice!Eating ice is one of the King Penguin's methods of getting water!"Okay!""I'm going to go somewhere else to play"

Sometimes Du Pang will follow its father, Du Du, and mother, Mei Guai,and walk around to explore"Hi"Do you remember Du Pang's traits?Everyone should come and say hi to the baby Du Pang!See if you'll be able to tell which one is Du Pang!

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