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What causes vaginal dryness? 7 causes of vaginal dryness


Sexual problems. Women have sexual urges but not to the necessary extent, or husbands "go straight to the point", which will lead to less female secretion, thus causing vaginal dryness(陰道乾);

Birth control pills. For individuals who have been taking the pill regularly for a long time, the progesterone in the drug may come to cause vaginal dryness and may have the side effect of endocrine disorders. In addition, for women over the age of 35, frequent menstrual irregularities over a period of time may indicate endocrine disruption, resulting in decreased vaginal discharge;

Vaginitis. If you suffer from inflammatory vaginal diseases, the mucous membrane of the vagina becomes congested during sexual intercourse, resulting in reduced secretion;

Stress. In addition to family, most modern women face various pressures in work and life, which can cause low libido, delayed sexual arousal, and vaginal dryness;

Over-cleaning. Do not believe in "washing healthier", under normal circumstances, once a day can be normal cleaning.

Dietary problems. In addition to vaginal dryness, if a woman has oral inflammation, dry skin and flaking, she is not eating a balanced diet, especially if she has a vitamin B2 deficiency. This condition can lead to dryness of the vaginal walls, mucous membrane congestion and even ulceration;

I had to fight it. As long as vaginal dryness entangles the body, even 5 minutes of intimacy can be like a burn, making it unbearably painful for women.

Women with vaginal dryness, if not treated in time, will not only suffer pain during sex for a long time, but also easily lead to other gynecological diseases. The biggest problem is genital infection. If forced intercourse occurs during vaginal dryness, it can lead to vaginal congestion and even swelling, and damage to the vaginal mucosa, which can lead to infection and induce disease.