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Coarse grains can hurt your body if you don't eat well

Coarse grains can hurt your body if you don't eat well

1. Eat too much.

First, eating too much whole grains will cause a large amount of insoluble dietary fiber to be consumed at one time, which will easily increase the delay of gastric emptying and cause abdominal distension, early fullness, and indigestion.

Secondly, eating more whole grains prevents the absorption of certain macro and trace elements to a certain extent, especially calcium, iron, zinc and other elements, and delays the absorption of sugar and lipids.

Furthermore, if you eat a lot of whole grains, the insoluble dietary fiber in it will slow down the gastrointestinal motility, and the digestion and absorption capacity of protein will also be weakened. Over time, it will lead to protein malnutrition.

2. Only eat some whole grains.

Many people only like to eat whole grains, only one kind of food. Thinking of a delicious food, such as millet, oats, sweet potatoes, etc., in fact, this is not conducive to balanced nutrition. Each coarse grain has its own advantages in nutrition. Experts suggest that when eating coarse grains, mix various ingredients together and add as many ingredients as possible to the three meals, which is highly complementary and has higher nutritional value.

Three, do not drink water for coarse grains.

Rough food contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is a kind of food with strong water absorption capacity. If you do not pay attention to supplementing water, it will not only cause constipation, but also cause or aggravate constipation.

4. Coarse grains are made finely.

The grains are rough in texture and taste bad, making it difficult to swallow. Therefore, many people choose "coarse grain fine preparation", grinding coarse grains into powder or adding polished rice, white flour, starch, sugar, or even baking powder for "fine processing" to make "coarse grain products" that are both delicious and beautiful. This additive greatly reduces the nutritional value of coarse grains, but loses the meaning of eating coarse grains. In addition, when eating these "coarse grain products", a lot of sugar is also consumed. For people with high blood fat, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., the originally good things have also become bad things Gas-fried food(燒烤食品).

5. The diet of coarse grains does not distinguish between people.

Although coarse grains are good, the following people should not eat more.

1. Patients with poor digestive function.

Rough foods are rich in dietary fiber, which is a double-edged sword. Moderate consumption can detoxify and lax, but if you eat too much, it will bring a great burden to people with poor gastrointestinal function. In addition, coarse grains are simply processed or unprocessed. They are relatively rough and will cause physical friction with the gastrointestinal tract, causing gastric ulcers. Food poisoning can cause duodenal ulcers. Patients who consume coarse grains can cause wound pain and even bleeding.

2) People with low immunity.

If the daily intake of more than 50 grams of cellulose for a long period of time will make the body's protein unable to replenish. Fat utilization will decrease, resulting in damage to the functions of the bones, heart, blood and other organs, and the body’s immune capacity will decrease, so the immune system will be weakened. Not suitable for human consumption.

3). Adolescents in the growing period.

The growth period has a greater demand for energy and nutrition, and the content of nutrients such as protein in coarse grains is low. At the same time, it will also affect the body's absorption and utilization of nutrients, and affect the body's growth and development.

4. The elderly and digestion.

Older people who have not fully developed their digestive functions have weak digestive functions. Too much dietary fiber will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, affect digestion, and cause the absorption and utilization of other nutrients. In addition, the nutrients in coarse grains are not easy to be digested and utilized. Children's eating too much is not good for growth and development.

5) People who lack calcium, iron, zinc and other foods.

The dietary fiber in coarse grains will hinder the body's absorption and utilization of trace elements. People who are deficient in iron and calcium cannot eat coarse grains.

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