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Female artist college degree exposure!These are actually graduates of psychology!


Female artist college degree exposure! These turned out to be psychology graduates!Many artists in the circle are representatives of high education, and among a group of wireless flowers, some are graduate representatives of food nutrition, finance, chemistry, and even psychology! .Come! Look down, the college degree of Wireless Flower :. [Science Representative] :.

Feng Yingying-Bachelor of Food and Nutrition, The University of Hong Kong.

Mai Mayen-University of British Columbia, Canada, Bachelor of Chemistry.

Tingxin Chen-Bachelor of Environmental Studies, University of Manchester, UK. Huiyi Lu-Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

[Business representative] :.Zhu Qianxue-Simon Fraser University, Canada, Bachelor of Commerce and Communication / Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master of Corporate Communication / City University of Hong Kong, Doctor of Laws (Current)Xinying Huang-Master of Finance and International Business, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Chen Yan-Bachelor of Business Administration, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Junjun Wang-Babson College, Bachelor of Business Management. Li Shizheng-University of Toronto, Canada, Department of Accounting.[Representatives in Liberal Arts] :. Mai Mingshi-Bachelor of Law, University of Cambridge, UK.

Cuiru Wong-Bachelor of Public Relations and Advertising, Hong Kong Baptist University.Kailin Chen-Bachelor of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Chen Jiabao-Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Bachelor of Journalism and Communication.[Psychology Representative] :. Tang Luowen-University of London, College of Science, Psychology.

Jian Shuer-State University of New York-Parches, Bachelor of Psychology and minor in Art Design.

Kailing Wen-Bachelor of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong. Shao Shaoshi-Bachelor of Psychology, Simon Fraser University, Canada.[Representative of Art Department] :.Cen Lixiang-Bachelor of Fashion Design / Minor in Marketing Management and Human Resources, Kwantlen University of Technology, Canada.

Jiaxin Li-City University of Hong Kong, Associate of Visual Arts, Post-secondary College.

Pei-Liu Liu-Bachelor of Film and Television, Hong Kong Baptist University. Lin Xiawei-Central Academy of Drama, Department of Performance.

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