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What exactly is blockchain? Three minutes to grasp blockchain

What exactly is blockchain? Three minutes to grasp blockchain

Is it true that blockchain is speculative and that CX is a waste of money?

What is blockchain, exactly?

Simply put, it is a distributed public ledger in which anyone can create an account. The characteristics are as follows: decentralized, traceable, tamper-evident, and distributed.

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For example, a dormitory ABCD four people, usually more public expenditure, let the head of the dormitory accounts, and later discovered that the head of the dormitory quietly changed the books in order to bribe some money money. As a result of decentralization, everyone has one ledger, who has a transaction, shout, and all the other people are written down. Every transaction has the potential to uncover the root cause.

A recorded an expense, there is also 88 yuan; B expenses 10 yuan, his account book is 88 yuan at the start and 78 yuan at the end, and C in the record at the start is 88 yuan.

C begins with $78 at the start of the entry. Before and after each sale, the "chain" is connected.

If someone wanted to falsify one of the sales even a year ago, they would have to change all of the other data in the ledger. This is only one person's book, but all of the data in all of the other people's books must be changed as well. This antminer s19 pro alibaba is the inerrancy: the cost of falsification is much higher than the gain.

Let us now explain in academic terms.

Definition of blockchain: A blockchain is a shared, tamper-evident ledger that is used in a business network to facilitate transaction details and asset tracking steps. Property can be tangible (for example, a house, a car, cash, or land) or intangible (e.g., patent rights, patents, copyrights, brands). Almost any valuable item can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network, lowering risk and cost in all areas.

Blockchain is significant because business operations rely on information. The more quickly and accurately information is received, the more beneficial it is to business operations. Blockchain is the best option for delivering this data because it provides real-time, shared, and fully transparent information that is stored in a tamper-proof ledger and can only be accessed by authorized network members. Orders, payments, gtx 1080 ethereum hashrateaccount numbers, production, and other data can be tracked using blockchain networks. Because members share a single, reliable view, you have end-to-end access to all details of purchases and sales, giving you more confidence and opportunity while increasing efficiency.