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drink whiskey without green tea and ice cubes

drink whiskey without green tea and ice cubes

Whiskey is a kind of spirits, the lower limit of alcohol content of canned whiskey is 40%. Blend some ginger soda, soda or distilled water, I heard that in order to suppress the numbing of the taste nerves by ethanol, to facilitate the whisky coursefragrance that can be sharply cognizant of being masked by the strong smell of alcohol. But the limit to be controlled is: no more than one-fifth of the water share of the whiskey, rather than the one to one popular in our Chinese social occasions, which is also known as "half sober and half drunk".

In fact, for some of the cooler men, they almost disdain to add water, they think it is childish taste. For example, in the 1952 western "The Silent Man," Barry Fitzgerald as the "silent man" said icily, "I only drink whiskey when I drink whiskey, and I only drink water when I drink water." Even Eileen Chang's novel "When I was Young", published in 1944, also wrote that Pan Ruliang stumbled into the bar, "...... climbed to the high stool and shouted: 'Whiskey, no soda! '"

Greta Garbo able to blend ginger ale or soda, men do not seem to be so sensitive that they can not even drink whiskey without adding water. Moreover, the whisky has been diluted once with pure water before bottling, drink it again with water, it is likely to dilute the aroma of whisky, distort the taste of whisky, destroy the molecular formula of whisky. There is a classic Scottish paragraph says that real men only like two things are naked: the same is a woman, the same is whisky. If you really must water, to be able to ask for a glass of whisky, and then put a glass of water on the side, feel free to take a sip of water to soothe the palate.

For our country in recent years the popular whiskey to green tea this vice (I heard that some places are now beginning to blend Wang Laoji herbal tea), Ge You in the movie "Do Not Disturb" when drinking whiskey, it is flagrantly told the woman boss: "Add ice, not green tea." In the "Do Not Disturb" press conference, Ge You also further stressed: "green tea this addition, the taste of the whole change, so still use the traditional way of drinking."

Adding ice is also to reduce the impact of alcohol, just a relative relief than adding water. But there is a limit to how much ice you can add, for example, in the 2007 Hollywood film "Hitman: Code 47," Timothy Oliphant plays the cold-facedcarpet and hard floor steam cleaner killer who puts three ice cubes in the glass and then pours the whiskey up ...... As she lifts her glass, the charming woman on the side comes up to her and says. "They may kill you, because you so brutally to the whiskey with ice. Never go beyond two cubes, or you'll water down the scotch to water ......"

The deadly danger of ice actually goes beyond watering down the whisky, but the too-low temperature will cause the whisky's aroma to close up. Naturally, for a poor quality whisky, adding ice may cover up some of its shortcomings. But if it's a true single malt Scotch, it's best not to add a single piece of ice. Haruki MurakamiKids21 in his travel handbook "if our language is whiskey" friendly reminder: "Scotch can be put on ice, but pure malt whiskey is not able to, the same reason as red wine can not be chilled, because then, the wonderful aroma is gone."