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Companies are looking for practical ways to digitally transform.

Companies are looking for practical ways to digitally transform.

Improve the enterprise's overall "digital quotient" by strengthening digital thinking from top to bottom.

The company's digital transformation and upgrading is a system project, a system change involving enterprise strategy, business, stepsmining site, organization, and talents that must be planned, thought through, and promoted as a whole. The first major barrier to enterprise digital transformation is inconsistency in perception; most people's understanding of digital transformation is based on their own business scope and business characteristics; each has its own reasoning and limitations; and the transformation of change will undoubtedly affect the interests of some people. As a result, the company must promote transformation from top to bottom. The enterprise's top management should carry out digital-based cognitive and thinking reform, present intelligent vision and goals, have an easy-to-operate planning program, clarify the key processes and procedures of digital transformation, strengthen the digital thinking and quality of all employees, improve the overall "digital business," and promote digital-based work. We encourage multi-level and all-around innovation in digital-based workflow, organizational structure, management mechanism, and talent mechanism, among other things.

Start with the business side of digital transformation, emphasizing "combining business and technology."

Enterprise digital transformation is not done for the sake of intelligence; rather, the primary goal is to create wealth. Value creation is directly expressed in the business side for enterprises, and digital transformation is essentially the transformation of business, which is a deep change and reconstruction of business, management, and business model driven by a new generation of data technology with technology as the fulcrum and business as the core. As a result, digital transformation is not simply a process of converting a system and application from "non-intelligent" to "intelligent," but rather focuses on dealing with business problems and must enter from business, empower digital technology and tools to business, and use upgraded technology and technologized methods to do so. We must start with the business, equip it with digital technology and tools, and handle businessUsed miner problems more effectively with upgraded technology and technological methods.

Naturally, establishing a business and data middle desk is a "strategic place" for digital transformation, but this cannot be accomplished solely by IT departments or intelligent units. The effect of the data middle desk based on digital and algorithmic coordination is the effect of the business middle desk completing each duty root line capability sharing, which is the dividend of the intelligent era. As a result, digital transformation is a comprehensive interaction between technology and business, with technology facilitating business integration and innovation. Theory is the primary driving force behind business development; business is an important medium for technology to create wealth; and technology and business, when combined, constitute the business form in the digital economy.

In this regard, the company must, on the one hand, formulate the digital reform details, summarize and analyze the actual stages and contents of digital transformation that must be carried out, and clarify the responsibilities and tasks from various aspects such as technology, personnel, and management; on the other hand, it must create the company's digital reform roadmap, organize the steps of digital transformation from both management and business perspectives, and clarify the responsibilities and tasks from various aspects such as technology, personnel, and management. At the implementation level, we must promote the bottom-up synergistic development of digital technology and business, as well as accelerate the reconstruction of the company's business chain. We will accelerate the development of online promotion, remote collaboration, digital office, intelligent warehousing and logistics, intelligent decision-making, and other data technologies by using big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to create a chain of data collection-feedback-analysis-decision making, which will provide an important basis for the adjustment of the business model and direction of the enterprise, and use the developme

Complete the digital transformation "empowerment - enhancement - transformation - reshaping" from four dimensions of "point - line - surface - body."

First and foremost, to "point" for the characteristics of empowerment, through digital technology for products, equipment, and sufficient empowerment, the goal is to further enhance business synergy, thereby improving the efficiency of business operations. For example, through the use of digital technologies such as the Internetbitmain of Things and mobile applications, the labor intensity of oilfield companies patrolling wells, pipeline companies patrolling pipes, and refining and chemical enterprises operating outside the company is greatly reduced, manpower is reduced, efficiency is improved, and both enterprises and workers benefit; or through the empowerment of products to quickly improve product function, manpower is reduced, efficiency is improved, and both enterprises and workers benefit.