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Zhong Chuhong, 57, and Liu Jialing, 52


After looking at 57-year-old Zhong Chuhong's outdoor play photos, it was found that 52-year-old Liu Jialing lost miserably!Zhong Chuhong was a recognized goddess that year, and even Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fat, and Leslie Cheung praised her.Originally there was a happy family. Later, because her husband was gone and she had no children, Zhong Chuhong is now left alone. Although she is alone, she still has a fine life.It's been a long time since I stopped filming, I often see old friends, and often go out to play alone.

57-year-old Zhong Chuhong still looks very young, with a good temperament, still beautiful.By comparison, Carina Lau, 52, is five years younger than Chu Chuhong, 57 ,.When Carina Lau was young, she was also very beautiful and elegant. When she was older, her maintenance was also good, but it was a little worse than Zhong Chuhong.Carina Lau's fame has been so great that it has been so hot for so many years. Unfortunately, in her later years, she still refuses to lose. Isn't it a good idea to be conservative.

Zhong Chuhong Introduction :.Chung Chung (English: Cherie Chung, February 16, 1960-) was born in Hong Kong, a well-known film actress in Hong Kong.In 1984 and 1987, he was awarded the best actress of the Asia-Pacific Film Festival twice.In Taiwan, the first Kanebo and other advertisements became very popular. The charm of natural unpretentiousness was deeply rooted and loved by movie fans.

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