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Tens of millions of cases of infant toxic milk powder are being recalled urgently!


Global panic! Tens of millions of boxes of baby milk powder are being recalled urgently! Australia may be affected![Australia Today, February 2] Recently, French dairy giant Lactalis acknowledged that infant milk products exported by its company over the past 10 years may be infected with Salmonella.The number of baby formulas sold worldwide has exceeded 12 million boxes and is currently in an emergency recall.

(Image source: News from Australian Channel 9).According to Australian News Channel 9, the countries and regions recalled include: China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Lebanon, Sudan, Romania, Serbia, Georgia, Greece, Haiti, Colombia and Peru.Channel 9 has also contacted Lemnos Food, an Australian subsidiary of Lactalis, to confirm whether Australian products are affected by it.Last year, a salmonella panic in France triggered a massive recall of Lactalis infant milk products.

On Friday, French authorities prepared to conduct a search of five locations in Lactalis to thoroughly investigate the matter.The Paris Prosecutor's Office said the locations being searched included Lactalis' headquarters in Laval, western France, and the Craon plant.The factory was closed due to the detection of Salmonella in December last year. (Image source: News from Australian Channel 9).Lactalis CEO Emanuel Besnier said the source of the infection could have started in a factory in western France, dating back to 2005.

From 2005 to 2017, the infant may have consumed the infected dairy product.The recall of infected infant milk products has expanded from more than 30 countries to 83 countries, and more than 30 infants have been infected with Salmonella, although they have recovered.

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