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Sheet metal fabrication has a lot of variables that you need to get right.

Sheet metal fabrication has a lot of variables that you need to get right.

Sheet metal fabrication has a lot of variables that you need to get right. With deep forming, it's possible for your materials to be made stronger or thinner without sacrificing other capabilities like durability or stability.

Sheet metal fabricators run into an intricate challenge when it comes to forming deep boxes: getting their tooling to reach the inside of the box. With a standard press brake, things can get tricky if the punch holder is just a few inches away from striking the side of the box it's too close for safety.

At Approved Sheet Metal, we fix deep forming issues without customers ever knowing the problem existed in the first place. If you're an engineer looking for more insight though, we would be happy to share our process and how we solve these issues for our clients.

Since sheet metal fabrication is such a complex process, you will want to consider your type of markets.sheet metal box fabrication It's important to target the right people with your marketing materials so they can understand what you're selling.

Because standard tooling can only reach up to 8” in depth, we use specialized tooling to create deep boxes. Here's how we do it at our sheet metal shop:

Extremely flexible gooseneck tooling

The extreme gooseneck tooling has a length that can reach into deep boxes, thus preventing the upper beam from coming into contact with the sides of a box. It gives obstructions-free deep forming.

Gooseneck punch holder

We've developed a specialized gooseneck tool that allows us to create unique designs on the inside of large radius bends.cnc precision machining parts With this tool, we can create "extras" such as radii or small details.

The punch holder is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Stackable punch holders are just what their name implies: punch holders that can be stacked on top of each other. Punch holders made with this material are lighter than extreme gooseneck tooling, and the stacking feature offers more flexibility for when you might have difficultly reaching deep boxes.

Box Bending with 30 degree – 60 degree tooling

30° and 60° tooling works by offsetting the tooling by 15°, which creates a 30° and 60° punch-die combination. This makes the process easier and provides additional space to close box panels.

cnc machining parts supplier

Some specialty tools are helpful for forming deep PVC pipes. However, it's good to note that these tools can only form up to 12" deep things.

When splitting a large object into pieces, don't try to cut the object all in one piece. Instead, cut it into two or more pieces, then reassemble the portions.

Cut your project where you can easily remove seams and other objects, to save time and ensure ease of reassembly.

As your customer, we're excited to offer you our suggestions and help make your product the best it can be.

Repair leaks at home or business with these top-quality leak detectors.sheet metal box fabrication

Our boxes are created with a slanted cut that lets us get at the contents easily, and they can be as long as you desire.

If you have a deep box, don't worry. Just send it to us! Our team of experts are more than happy to solve your deep-forming issues and deliver them in a way that meets your goals. Request a quote today so we can help you!


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