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Remarks by beauty equipment supplier -Lisa Friedman, quality beauty products |TimePayment review


My name is Lisa Friedman, and I am the SalesDirector and the educator here at QualityBeauty Supply.What I do is, I conduct classes for continuingeducation, to nail techs, and cosmetologists,and aestheticians.The customers that come to Quality, come fora variety of reasons.They come for products for everyday use, butthey also come when they want to expand - andright now, it's all about expansion in thesalon industry.When you're first expanding on a spa or asalon, it's a lot of paying out, but you'renot earning the income yet - because you'rejust building the place.So, there's not a lot coming in, but there'sa lot going out.

So they need to get that capital in whichto do so.Customers have been very successful using TimePayment because they've found that theywere easy to work with, it filled the needs,and the debt that they needed, in order toexpand their spas.TimePayment works very quickly, so if a clientcomes in here, and they need to expand theirbusiness, and they say, you know "do you dofinancing?" - then what we would have to dois, we would give them a form to fill out,and it's very quick, they make it very easyfor the clients, and it's a pretty quick processin which to go through.

They can get an answer very quickly.I would definitely recommend TimePayment toany salon or medspa - anybody that needs thatcapital in which to invest in or expand theirbusiness.Hands down, I would recommend them.

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