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Using creatista Pro for the first time


This tutorial will guide you through the first use of your new Creatista Pro machine.First, insert the drip tray and the capsule container in position.For your safety, operate the machine only with drip tray and capsule container in position.Plug the machine into the power outletand turn the machine ON by pressing the power button.Tap to select your language and save.On-screen instructions will now help you set up your machine.Remove the water tank and rinse it using fresh potable water.

Fill the water tank up to the MAX level with fresh potable water and attach it back to the machine, in position.It is recommended to set the water hardnessto ensure the quality of your coffee, time after time.The water hardness setting along with the amount of usewill define the descaling frequency of your machinein order to prevent damage.To do so, make sure you use the same water source to conduct the test.Dip the test strip in a separate glass of water for 1 secondand wait for 1 minute for the results.Once your test result is shown on the strip, save it on your machine.The water hardness is now set.To rinse the machine and prime the heating system for the first use cycle, place the empty milk jug under the coffee spout and press start.Your machine will automatically stop rinsing when the cycle is complete.Remove the milk jug and the drip tray, and discard the content.The overall setting process is complete.

Thank you for watching, you can now enjoy your new Nespresso Creatista Pro machine.Should you need more information, please visit Nespresso.com or have a look at our other tutorials.

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