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Spelling test - Starbucks interview


All right, congrats.Welcome to the final round of the interview.Thank you.- One quick last thingthat we like to go over ischecking your spelling skills.- Sure thing, all right.- Get a lot of people coming ingot to spell their names right.- Yeah, I understand.- Real simple, nothingto worry about here.Gonna start off with alob, pretty easy, Mike.- Now is that a Mike with an M?- You're... Okay.I'd be worried there for a second.- Yeah, right.- That's Myke with an M.

- Okay.- Okay, another one, John.- I'm sorry, could you pleaseuse it in a sentence for me?- Yeah. Just, "Hi, I'm John."- June.- That's John.I'm looking at John.- Hey, let's go with Amy, my wife's name.- I think I got all the letters there.Let's check that out.- Amy.It's actually exactlyhow my wife spells it.Here comes a curve ball...- Uh-oh.- Dan.- I actually don't think I know any Dans.- We actually get quite a fewDans here on a daily basis.Call them our "Daily Dans."You don't want to dissapoint them.- Okay.- Perfect!- I think that's pretty close.- Shading is a little off onthe left clavicle but yeah!

Not bad.I'm just realizing Idon't even know your name,and I guess it's good a timeas any, ask you to spell that.- Okay.- Justin.- Yes.- Great, I think you've passedwith flying colors here.One last question, canyou make a cup of coffee?- No.- Great. Can you start tomorrow?- Yeah.(techno music)

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