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All the secrets of the drama department are here!


Stomach bleeding ~You really love acting!Would you like to study drama?I also think I'm good at studying drama(Afraid of explosion)Do you really know the Department of Drama?Oh i study dramaOh ~ Department of Drama ~ No ~ Actually the drama department is not ...I go to drama!Oh ~ Wen group!(Black question mark)Ah ~ do you always stay up late?I'm going to sleepGood nightAlas! I finally finished pulling! I'm so divine!dry! Shut up and pull! I want to sleep . You haven't got to sleep yetEh! Tell me on TV later!Let's cry in ten seconds!OhOtherwise come a happy mood!(How about a white eye ???) You face paralysis like this, how do you study drama?malady...However, I think that people who are bored are suitable for studying drama.

Huh! Are you acting?I study drama but not everyone is acting!We might go into the theater stage and wear the black paint blackInstall the table, install the lights, adjust the lights and then brabra ...Remove them all laterOk we are the text groupBut we also have to do a bunch of mathWe have to calculate the angle of the light, the version of the costumeWe have to know the length of everythingWe can make it into a modelDon't ask us to actDon't make us cry in ten secondsWe can actBut if we are performing a stage show, only the people who watch the stage show will knowThen we become more and more tired of the worldBut we still burn our passion%%%%Do you get it!The drama department is not as simple as you think!bump(????)Hello everyone we are the school year breakfast shopToday I introduce to you the National Taiwan University Drama DepartmentDo you know a little bit more about drama?

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