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Taobao lie detector, Hong Kong and Taiwan's "underwear culture" big secret!


YO I'm Boko! and also…Continue playing this Taobao polygraph machine ~I sent a question about lie detector in IG and FBIt turned out to be a loose lineI thought it was brokenREST ~Do you like women?This (polygraph) is normal, right?Very normalDon't you tell me you like men? XDIs God attacking or suffering?(The polygraph tumblings several times ...)Why X2If A DEE is a man ...No ... A DEE is a manWould you like to be with him?So ADEE just can't?No?Really can not? (No)Something is absolutely wrong!ER ~ My audience askedDoes God love to laugh Bobo?Love ~ love more than anyone.Only went out twice without usI ’m just a bit more affectionateBoon ~will notwill not? (shock).Do boys still wear pants at home?Scare?This is Taiwan.This is not the case in Hong Kong.But what if your friend comes up?(Seems to understand something).Oh cultural differences ~Is God a virgin?No ~Why O_O!What! ? @@

Is this okay ...Being a virgin at 24 is not a shy thing ...Got briefs (laughs)?I wear triangles ~Really ~really? (Really)Hong Kong people wear briefs?Ah ... I don't know anyone else.But I wear briefs.No wonder you do n’t just wear underwear.Everyone can leave a message saying that you are wearing triangle / four-corner underwear (you can vote in the upper right corner of the video).Most of Taiwan really wears four corners.Do you want to sleep with me tonight?Don't want me to want to go back to my hotel.Oh oh don't you really want to.Can i sleep with you (normal).The last problem is that you don't run around in underwear at home.But when you sleep, you always wear only underwear?You sleep in pants! ? ? ?Yes indeedRightDo you sleep without pants?

Would you wear a jacketI canIt ’s so strange ~?This episode of the polygraph was taken here. I like to remember lick & subscribeRemember to subscribe to God and meSee you next timeAlas. O ~ YO! BZEEBZEEI don't wear pants now

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