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(rock and roll music)- What's up, we'regoing to wake our bodiesand our brains up with a good stretch.

You ready?Let's get that neck rolling.(dance music)And reverse.- Other side.- Reverse again.- The other way.- And once more.- Now back to the left.- Alright, let's get some arm circles.- Arm circles, to the front. Come on.- And reverse.- Reverse.Don't forget to breathe.Get a good stretch forward.- Reverse.- Reverse. Get a goodstretch, good stretch.- Alright, we're going tocross our arms over our body.Feel the stretch in your back.- Feel the stretch.Stretch it out, to the right.- Very good, now we're going to go downto the center and stretch our legs.Over to the side.- To the side.- To the other side.- To the other side.- Back to the center.- Stretch it out.- To the side.- To the side, come on.- The other side.- To the other side.- And a few more times.- Stretch it out.You got this, come on.- Once more.- To the side,to the other side,to the middle.- Alright, we're goingto get a couple lungesto stretch the legs out hereand warm up our leg muscles.- We're doing lunges, right now, come on.

Stretch those legs out.Down.Down, come on.Stretch it out.- Couple more guys.- Couple more lunges, you can do it!Come on, stretch it out.- Alright, a few arm circles, get loose.We're going to do some knee raises across our bodies.Here we go.- Come on.Stretch it out, come on.- Switch.- Lift up the knee, lift it high.Let it meet your elbow.- Switch.- Come on.You got this.You were born to do this.- Switch.- Come on.- Switch.That was a great stretch.Now you're ready to get back to class,and do your thing.Fresh start, out.(rock and roll music)

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