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The former Hong Kong sister champion fell into the trap of cheating money


Former Hong Kong sister champion fell to er, Qian Zhong wants to repay Hong Kong sister after the crownIn 1995, Hong Kong sister Yang Wanyi once started a kindergarten in a joint venture. Yang Wanyi was involved in stealing tuition a month ago, and the company that operated the kindergarten entered the High Court for compensation.

Little Einstein Academy Limited, whose director serves as her husband, was also financed by the finance company, demanding repayment of the arrears of RMB 3.76 million and surrendering it for collateral.It has been pointed out that Yang Wanyi agreed to sell the title after she signed the document with Guan Guan, and her sister Hong Guan was always a symbol. She refused to surrender and she was a normal sister.The value of the crown in 1995 was about 1 million, and the crown in recent years was worth more than 4 million.Before you, uh, money list can be returned! .The 1995 Hong Kong elder sister Yang Wanyi, who faded out of the entertainment industry in 2008, switched to education and opened a kindergarten as a school supervisor.Recently, two children's companies controlled nine times from November 10, 2017 to February 28 this year, asking their parents to pay tuition by check and cash, er, more than 140,000.

The general name of the kindergarten in Zhongjun's name was filled in as the registered address of the To Kwa Wan Company. It is misleading that the two are directly related.As an educator, what can you explain? Fatty Li really feels disappointed with his scam.The facilities are not good at all. Children should learn the correct values.

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