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Xiong Dailin, a quasi beautiful mother, has a deep V pregnancy photo


[Like the husband's intimate] Precious pretty mother Xiong Dailin Deep V pregnancy photosLynn, who announced the news of her pregnancy at the end of last year, is approaching the due date. In addition to the day when her new life is approaching, Lynn has also made a beautiful series of beautiful "big belly photos" with her husband Guo Kesong."I hope that when I mention it with BB, I will let them know how happy their parents are.

In the picture, Lynn smiled happily and brilliantly. Although she had a bowel movement, her limbs were still thin and she was definitely a pretty mother.Lynn, who wore a low-cut suspender dress, also had a lot of upgrades at the same time, quite gimmicky.As for the father Guo Kesong, he is getting more and more fit. His arm muscles are showing up. It seems to be a dad, and holding B with one hand is no problem."My husband has always taken good care of me. With BB, my husband even takes me first. I feel so happy.

Xiong Dailin Ying pregnant photos to commemorate her husband Lynn: I am not married to the wrong person! .As a prospective mummy, Lynn is not feeling nervous now, but rather looks forward to the arrival of BB, but at the same time is a bit reluctant to be intimate with the BB's body and mind."I asked Lynn if he read books to learn B and teach children skills. Lynn said that he only read a small amount of books on parenting. Instead, he consulted more experienced friends on weekdays." We all want to go with the flow and take the next step. Step by step, I don't want to put too much pressure on my family and BB.Sure enough, she is an intimate and tender mother and wife. Praise her husband intimate Fun! Zhunliang mother Xiong Dailin took a picture of her pregnancy.

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