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The mother's obsession with the beauty queen's daughter looks like a "beautiful" true story


The Benningtons are getting ready.To go to their favourite Chinese restaurant.Going out looking goodas a family is very importantto JaneJane- What have you got onDaughter- I've got a skirt onJane- What are you wearing?Daughter- The yellow topJane- The bottoms 'rightThe top is &*%$(Shouting) Daughter- What will the top be?!Jane- You've got loads of tops!You need to get your hair dried and straightenedYeah well you start off(Shouting) Jane- Turn 'round!

That way!Daughter- Ow!-With Attitude- Well you keep pulling me!Jane- I think it is, important.To be a child.As long as possible but in this day and age.You can't because.All your friends and your peers,Are growin' upAlot quicker like, you know.They go into town.Alot younger than ever I did.But, they've grown up so much quicker.You've gotta join in otherwiseYou know, you're held back from your friends.And then it starts gettin' to bullying and stuff like that.So, think, you knowYou've, you'vegotta let them grow upat the same rate as everyone else.-Arguing Between Mother and daughter--Outside noises--door opens-Narrator- With Sasha dressed to impress.The family are finally ready to leave...Boy- Wor!-car door slams-♪ Elevator Music ♪.Narrator- Once at the restaurant, JaneEncourages Sasha to practice her new cheer-leading routine...Jane- 2, 3, 4!-Moaning from Sasha-Jane- Go! Just do it!Sasha- I don't wanna!Jane- Do it! NOW!- Encouragement from Employee -Jane- See! Come on!Sasha- Mlahh!Brother- DO IT!Sasha- OR WITE THEN!Jane- Alright then, 1, 2, 3, 4..Jane- Do you know, I kept saying to her.Don't just stand thereyou know if you wanna be seen you've gotta do something stupid-stuttering- you know if your standing at a bus stopsinging, and some guy walks pastyou know, you've made it and it's that sort ofweird scenariogo on! haha!

Brother- Do it quick!Quick!Dad- you can come back thereJane- Yeah!- chattering -♪ Classical music ♪SUBTITLES BY K OF K&J GAMING

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