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Lifestyle in Amsterdam | VLOG

It has started to wear out. Lets see,if it supports me till Karachi or not.In half an hours time, I havemy flight for Amsterdam,so thought I'd have a chocolatechip cookie until then.It's okay.Sable is better.I'm here in Amsterdam.Where is my Uber?-Have a safe trip.-You too. Thank you.And when you rent a place from Air B and B,then you have to look for the house.This is it.I will take this room.Huh!T

he people here don't use the curtains,to cover the windows.I'll give this room to Zahir and Sarah.

Zahir and Sarah are reaching by 10pm today,got about nine hours to go.This house on Air B and B was available for rentfor three days at 550 dollars.Now divide this into four people.Meaning that a days rent for one personwould be approximately 6500 rupeesSome of the hotel rooms at Nathia Gali,are more expensive than this.And they are still hotelrooms and this is a completehouse. So basically Ithink it's a good deal.I can hear a cat from somehwere.Where are you?

Hello.I don't have any food for you.You want to come in.Feeling cold?Such a cutie, wild, your such a clean wild cat.I have to leave now.Do I leave this cat inside the house?Do I take her out of thehouse?And are the cats of Amsterdam, adequateenough to take care of the house.I'm leaving you here inside.I will lock the door and leave.It was the nighbour's cat.

As I was leaving, she came and told methat a girl used to live in this house.Who used to take care of her.So the cat thinks this is her house.Druiven wit pitloos. Looks like tomatoes.Or could be a Japanese fruit.This is looking like butter.Butter it shall be.Finally something to buy with it's name in English.Strawberry yogurt. Cashew.After some researchon the internet.I have come to know that 90 percentof the people here can communicate in English.I couldn't understand a single word,the people were talking there.The switches here work the opposite way, this is off and this is on.It's extremely cold.I'm covering myself with something.And going to the coffee shop.Where you get coffee.It is heard that the coffee herehas a major impact on your perceptions.

Got home and faced problems in unlockingthe door and took an hour to open it.Then Zahir and Saraharrived and I went to bed.Last night while we weresleeping everything froze.Check the Google, what's the weather like?Early in Amstelveen it's 32 and cloudy.Today it'll be cloudy with a forecast high of 39 and a low of 34.This is in Fahrenheit. In Celcius32 degrees Fahrenheit equals zero degrees Celcius.

Zero degrees Celcius.That's a Mercedes E class that's coming in, that's our Uber.What's the number of the car?No, this is it. How many Eclasses will come at this time?Hi, how's it going?Hey, I'm fine. How are you doing?Now we have arrived at Reich museum.Beware of this naughty cupid.If it's arrow strikesyou in the chest,then there is a good chanceof you falling in love.Never pick a brawl with the biker's here.They have a separate lane to themselvesand they never stop for anyone.

If you think you know how to ride a cycleand you can ride a cycle here.Then you are completely wrong.Because all these people cycle in a very professional manner.And it's a very bad thought as youcould have a very severe accident.60 percent of the peoplehere travel on cycles.Which means it's not one of their hobbies.It's the most common way of travelling here.The floor bites and the city is small.Therefore every class of people use cycles to move about the city.There are 400 kilometres of tracksspecifically built for cycles in this city.A person should be vigilant at all times.You never know when a cyclecomes and strikes you.These cyclists don't evenfollow their signals.

It's very cold.I'm not alone in this.Should I show you the people with me,how many clothes they're wearing.See this, six to seven layers isa normal average of clothing here.The very first part of your face thatgets numb is the tip of your nose.After that the earlobes freeze.And after that your jaw bone freezes and you feel difficulty in moving it.Exactly.


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