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Analysis of the process and materials for obtaining a Hong Kong work visa

Analysis of the process and materials for obtaining a Hong Kong work visa

Hong Kong work visa is a must for working in Hong Kong!

Although it is said that Hong Kong has been reunited with the motherland, but the way to take is still one country, two systems, if you want to go to Hong Kong to work, then you must follow the relevant provisions of the formalities, the first thing you need is the Hong Kong work visa application. So what exactly is the process of this kind of document and the materials needed are?

Hong Kong work visa application requirements

There are certain conditions for applying for a Hong Kong work visa, and there is no way to apply if you don't meet the conditions. Only those who have been approved by the relevant authorities in Hong Kong or Macao to work, study or train in Hong Kong or Macao and their family members are eligible to apply.

Which department to apply for a Hong Kong work visa?

If you want to apply for a work visa, you must go through the formal channels, first of all, the applicant can apply through the labor company, which needs to be accepted by the place of labor and the public security authorities for the examination and approval of the Exit-Entry Administration Department. If the applicant already has a permit to travel to and from Hong Kong, or an endorsement to stay. Then you can directly reapply for a pass or a stay visa, mainly by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen Exit-Entry to accept.

What documents are required for the application of Hong Kong work visa

The applicant needs to submit a complete application form for traveling to Hong Kong. You need to use a signature pen or pen to fill out, not ballpoint pen to fill out the submission, and also need to submit the applicant's blue front color photo two, the size of the large one-inch. At the same time, you need to deliver the original identity card and family register, and submit a photocopy at the same time. If the applicant is under 16 years old, he/she only needs to submit the account book, while if he/she is a military personnel, he/she also needs to provide proof of identity. In addition, the applicant is also required to give a clear account of the reason for his/her arrival in Hong Kong, e.g. schooling, employment, training, etc. For the applicant, it is the reason for his/her arrival in Hong Kong. Applicants are not allowed to have two or more Hong Kong Exit Permits at the same time.