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Civic school - preparatory class for peaceful occupation


Civil School -- OCLP Preparation Class.What is the problem with Hong Kong? Why making all the noises?Umm... There aren't that many problems. Actually just a few .....HK Is Our Home, presented by "50 cents"

Dear teachers, my fellow students, fellow citizens,Hong Kong is now undergoing an inevitable adjustment after a 30-year economic development.These are just some minor issues:the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor,unbalanced land and industrial policies,environmental protection, ecological preservation, medical and health care, housing, education...and...and also... aging, as well as immigrationpolicy.《Seven million citizens versus 1,200-member Election Committee》Furthermore, our Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is elected by a mere 1,200-member small circle.

Whether he is a wolf or a pig, or even a dog,his policies will never gain the necessary trust and support by Hong Kong citizens.But as long as people can keep eating, sleeping and playing,nobody would seriously care about the lack of a genuinely universal and equal election.Hong Kong's progression will then be stuck for another eight or ten years, and nothing more.Our TV dramas also keep telling us to "live in the present" anyway. Don't worry too much.Are there really that many problems?

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