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Is it worth taking collagen supplements?


 Do collagen supplements work?But you need to find one that hasa lot of hydrolyzed collagen in it.You want something withbetween 5,000 milligrammesand 10,000 milligrammes per dose.That is what's provenin studies to help you build your own collagen.How it does that is by firstly giving youthe available collagen to use,but also having a lotof collagen on the loosein your body in thishydrolyzed, broken-down formmakes your body thinksthere's been a problem,that's why it's creating allthis wound-healing collagen.And it goes on to help build even more.Nobody quite knows why, but it does.

So, among the brands thatI will eat anytime includeSkinaid, well-proven, lotsof clinicals behind that.Totally Derma, that's a bovine collagenrather than a marine-based collagen.Absolute Collagen, very portable.Pink Cloud Beauty, this tastes delicious.It's like a lemonade powder,but there's less collagen in that.You need two of those toequal one of the others.One called Collagem.This one not quite sotasty, but it's a powder,so very easy to travel with.And this is a vitamin C supplement that's got good clinicals oncollagen-boosting as well.So, take your pick.

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