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Loofah and it are a pair by nature, so that the fried flavor is delicious and not dark


Loofah and it are a pair by nature, so that the fried flavor is delicious and not dark, so the children and the elderly should eat moreAmong the dishes that children love, in addition to steamed eggs, the second favorite ingredient is beef. Children who are growing up always need more meat. Therefore, I ’m going to buy one if it ’s three to five. Two pounds of beef, for children.Beef is rich in protein, iron and various trace elements, and its calories are not high, which is much better than eating pork.

Recently, after the beginning of autumn, but the weather is not diminishing, it will start to feel a bit dry sooner or later. While there are still many seasonal fruits and vegetables on the market, make more seasonal home-cooked dishes for your family, and add water to dry. Is really good.Today, I use loofah. Some friends say that after being cooked, loofah will easily grow old, and the color will be black and not green enough. Take a look at this recipe for 2 minutes. The secret of beef tenderness and green loofah is served in 5 minutes.[Beef Fried Loofah].Ingredients:.Two loofahs, 200 grams of beef, an appropriate amount of starch water, 1 teaspoon of cooking wine, a little salt, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, and an appropriate amount of oil.Specific steps:.1. Loofah, green rind, white flesh, emerald white clouds, loofah hydrating, containing a lot of water, is a seasonal variety of fresh melon and fruit that can still be bought in the market.

After peeling the loofah, cut it obliquely into hob blocks. 2. Marinating of beef.Cut the beef into thin slices, add starch water (a small spoonful of starch and an appropriate amount of water to mix thoroughly), oil and cooking wine, pick and marinate, and the beef slices with starch water will be tender and juicy and not easy to eat.Stir-fry the beef, heat the wok, add the right amount of oil, pour the marinated beef slices into the pan and slide the pan. The pan means that there is a little more oil than usual stir-fry. Let the fat wrap around the slices of meat and heat quickly Discolor the meat pieces and cook until about 8 minutes before removing them.3. Be diligent and thrifty, do n’t waste the remaining oil in the wok after frying the beef. The base oil also carries the gravy of beef. Use some of the base oil in the fried beef pan, add garlic and ginger slices, and stir-fry the loofah. .4. When the loofah becomes slightly soft and even the bottom of the pot starts to have moisture, pour the fried beef slices into the pot and continue to stir fry quickly.5. To make loofah green, beef is tenderer and smoother, and finally simmer, starch water is poured into the pot, add a little oyster sauce to increase freshness and taste, moderate amount of salt, heat the juice off the fire.Luffa fried beef, luffa tender, juicy beef, home-cooked fast-fried, do you learn? .

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