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Welcome to this lesson two of digital marketingmastery course.I hope until now you have joined the Facebookgroup and also introduced yourself.In lesson one, I gave you an overview of digitalmarketing.In today's lesson, we will be talking aboutall the channels that when combined, makesup digital marketing.Before starting with this lesson, one importantthing.All the videos in this digital marketing courseare interconnected.So, in order to understand the next video,you have to watch this video until the end.And if you are planning to become a specialistin one of these fields, then you need to godeeper than it and master it.Also, I should mention one very importantpoint.Digital marketing is highly dynamic.So you need to constantly learn new things,and apply the same.

Today's lesson is really exciting because I will be giving you an overview of what youwill be learning in the next few days.Just a humble request to all of you to pleasewatch this video until the end, because Ihave an extremely important step that I needyou guys to do in order to learn digital marketing.Without that step, you won't be able to learnanything.So make sure you watch the video until theend.I won't make this video too long, rather addresssomething of what you can expect.So, let's get started.So these are the primary components of digitalmarketing.Search engine marketing, social media marketing,searching optimization, content marketing,email marketing, web analytics, conversionrate optimization and then the sales funnel.Now, you will be able to build sales funnelsonly if you know the rest of the things.Now, since you are just starting your digitalmarketing journey, I won't expect you to becomean expert in all these fields.Rather, these are very specialized fields.So, there are jobs for just search enginemarketing, there are jobs for just socialmedia marketing.Similarly for search engine optimization orSEO.Similarly, for content marketing, email marketingand web analytics.But as a digital marketer you must know allof these at least the overview of how thesework.Then later on you can find a specializationfor yourself, the one that interests you themost.

Get specialized in it, and become an expertin that.Usually, there are two options.Either you become an expert in one particularfield and grow like that, or secondly youcan get a good level of understanding in allthese fields and become a digital marketingmanager.Where you'll be handling all the people ofvarious domains.So, let's start with search engine marketing.Now, I am sure that all of you must have searchedsomething in Google search engine, right?Like the Valentine's week is going on, soeither you're a boy or a girl, you might havesearched on Google for some, like, "giftsfor boyfriend" or "gifts for girlfriend".So, if you are a guy like me who likes creativity,then you might have searched on Google like"gifts for girlfriend..." etcetera, etcetera,right?So, you must have seen a lot of ads on Google.Like here I'll show you the query "buy mobile".So, bost of these listings are ads."Get New Phone with Visible" and "Cell Phones:New Mobile Phones..."As you can see the word here, "Ad".

These two are ads, and these are the organicresutls.So, let's say if you're a new business.You've just opened up your website.Then you won't be able to rank yourself onthe number one position.Because Flipkart has done a lot to get thisnumber one position.So, to drive traffic to your website, youneed to purchase Google Ads.So, that you can instantly get yourself inthe number one or number two position.You can do this using Google AdWords.So you can pay money to Google to get rankedin the number, one or number two result dependingon the quality score of your ad.So, this is what search engine marketing is.

Learning the art of running good Google adsthat actually make money for the business.So, it might look simple that you just haveto find the keywords and start the ad, buthonestly it is not that, simple.It's a complicated field where you have tolearn a lot of things.The optimization, the right keywords, andthere are so many strategies in that.We will be covering all of that in the GoogleAdWords video.You must have seen that I am only talkingabout Google AdWords.Because there are other search engines aswell, like "Bing" and "Yahoo", etc.But since google is dominating the market,so when I'm referring to search engine marketing,I'm referring to Googl AdWords.But yes, you can even run "BIng Ads" and "YahooSearch Ads" as well.Most of you must only know about socialmedia marketing, because for this digitalmarketing course we are targeting the collegestudents and people in the age bracket of18 to 25.So, you must be using "Facebook", "Instagram"or maybe the new apps like "TikTok" or "Musicaly".So, all these emerging social media channels,they have huge, huge audience.Like "Facebook" has multiple billion peopleon their channel.Similarly, "Twitter" has their audience.And now people are moving from "Facebook"rather to "Instagram".Now, "Instagram" is the new trend of the newsocial media 2019.And whenever there's a huge audience, thereare opportunities for advertisement.So, this is where social media marketing comesinto play.

Social media marketing refers to theprocess of gaining traffic or attention throughsocial media sites.Now, there are two types of social media marketing,first is organic and secondly is paid.Now, "Facebook" is a massive advertisementchannel.Like the link in this free digital marketingcourse.Majority of you must have seen our ad on Facebook.It could have been a video ad, it could havebeen an image ad, but we are really focusingon "Facebook" for the marketing of this digitalmarketing course.So, social media marketing is really effectivewhen your target audience is competitivelyyounger, because you are able to reach a hugeaudience.Also, social media marketing has various worldangle.Like when we talk about "Instagram", we have"Instagram Influencer".So, we can hire few influencers and you marketthrough them or we can also grow organically.But primarily, when we talk about social mediamarketing, we are looking for more engagement,we are looking to drive more customers andprimarily we'll be focusing more on "FacbookAds".Because that is a channel that is extremelypopular and gives amazing results.So, we'll be learning the ins and outs ofFacebook Ad, in the future lesson, but yes,I'll be also going through Instagram, specificallybecause that is a channel that will definitelygrow in the coming years.So, I have a video spefically dedicated forInstagram.And yes, the video is dominating 2019 andalso in the coming years, YouTube will uh...become the big boss of media marketing.So, we will be talking about how to starta channel, optimize the channel, how to gainsubscribers, how to increase watch time, andeven uh...YouTube Ads.Now, let's talk about my favorite channelthat is Search Engine Optimization, also knownas SEO.It is the process of driving traffic fromsearch engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etceterato your website.Now, the best part about SEO is that the trafficis free.Like this example we took for search enginemarketing, like "buy mobile".These two are ads.But the first result here is of Flipkart.com"Mobile Phones" too.Now, Flipkart does not have to pay Googleto rank here.Let's say ten thousand people searched thekeyword "buy mobile" daily on Google.The average click for the first result issomewhere close to 60 to 80 percent.So, let's say that 70 percent of the peopleclick on the first result here.So, Flipkart is driving seven thousands ofdaily free traffic.So, all the people who buy the mobile fromFlipkart after going from Google search results,that is profit for Flipkart.Without even paying for the customer acquisitioncost.Like, whenever you are running Facebook Adsor even when you're running the SEM.Like the search engine marketing ads.Here, you have to pay money to Google.Whenever someone clicks here, let's say weclick here.Since I clicked on this ad, V's'ble had topay money to Google.So, that is the power of search engine optimization.Once your article starts ranking on Googlesearch engines, you'll be driving free trafficand all the money you make after the traffic,visit you website that will be a profit.So, that is the reason I focus a lot on searchengine optimization.I'll be sharing all my techniques on how Irank my website on Google search results,number one position.So make sure you watch the SEO lessons aswell, in the future videos.So primarily, SEO divided three primary categories:"Black Hat SEO”, "White Hat SEO" and "GrayHat SEO".All these will also be discussed in the futurelessons.Now, content marketing has been extremelypopular from the last few years now.Because the customer acquisition model haschanged.Content marketing is a very strategic marketingapproach focused on creating and distributingvaluable, relevant, and consistent contentto attract and retain a clearly defined audienceto drive profitable customer action.Now, this definition might have sounded verycomplicated, but in simple words, contentmarketing is all about creating content, sothat you can provide value to your prospectivecustomer.So, let's say, in my case, I am teaching digitalmarketing.Now, you guys are consuming this free contentand some of you might also be liking the content.Some of you might like my approach of teaching.So, if in the future if I create a paid course,and I sell it to you guys, so you might justpurchase the product.Because I have already given you so much freevalue.So much free content.So, that is the power of content marketing.Giving value to your customers, or ratherprospective customers, and showing them thebenefits of joining your services.If it's a SAS product, software aware service,then I can give them a free trial, I can givethem comprehensive blog post, I can give themfree video course.Similarly, if I am an ecommerce company, Ican create wild content, top ten listicalarticles and then drive people to the website.So there are numerous ways of doing contentmarketing.And especially in the last few years, andalso in the coming years, content marketingwill be extremely beneficial for businessesto drive customers.So, we'll be talking all about this in thecontent marketing module, where I'll alsohave many case studies for you.Now, let's talk about email marketing.Another very important channel, and anotherchannel, which I really love.Honestly, in India, specifically email marketingis not that popular.Companies are using it but primarily the bloggerand indie influencers are not using emailto communicate with their audience.I'm a strong believer of email marketing,specially in the affiliate website that I'veshown you the analytics for that.Email marketing is also forming a big chunkof the revenue.Take the case of this digital marketing course.How am I delivering you the lessons?

I am giving you all the lessons through email,right?So, for me, email marketing becomes extremelyimportant for my business.So, email marketing is not just uploadinga list of people to send to and spam them.It's much more complicated than that.You also have to use specific tools, you alsohave to know the style of writing the emails,creating trip sequences and all.So, all that will be discussed in the emailmarketing module.So, make sure you watch that video as welluntil the end.Web analytics is the process of analyzingthe behavior of visitors to a website.So, I will be showing you the process of webanalytics and how to use analytics for youradvantage in the analytics module.Now, sales funnel is an extremely importantpart for any business.Because the ultimate goal of a business, touse digital marketing, is to drive sales,to make profit, to sale their product or services.To create sales funnel, you have to have theknowledge of a comprehensive digital marketingapproach.You need to know all the work details of digitalmarketing in order to create a profitableand a successful sales funnel.An idle sequence of events someone goes throughto go from traffic to repeat customer is thewhole essence of sales funnel.It's a system that adds and removes barrierfor someone to become a customer or a repeatcustomer when it's appropriate.

Let's say Flipkart is selling mobiles.So, they might even show the advertisementon Facebook, so you might be browsing thetimeline and then you suddenly see an ad fromFlipkart.So, you were not planning to visit Flipkart,you might not even know about the new mobilelaunch, but in the ad, you might see a newphone, so you'll click on the ad, you'll visitthe website and you might even purchase.This funnel has four important steps: awareness,interest, decision, action.Now, this might sound very complicated, butin simple steps, consider yourself as a customerand think through the journey as a customerto buy a product.So, first of all, you need to make the customeraware of the product.Like, in my case I am giving you everythingfor free, the free digital marketing course.So, first of all, you might have seen my Facebookadvertisement or any other banner advertisementon any of the website, right?So, that is the awareness section.I'm getting your attention, because you don'tknow me, you don't know who Ankur Aggarwalis, you don't even know about my existence.So, first of all, I need to make you aware.Second, is to grab your interest.Now, I am teaching everything for free.now, this course is sold by various institutefor around 60,000 to 70,000 rupees.Now, I am giving everything for free becauseI have an experience of seven plus years.Now, this for a customer is interesting.Because they don't have to pay any money,and they are adding a very important, anda very unique skill in their resume.Now, comes the decision.Now, you're in my learning page where I'mtelling you that I am giving this free courseand these are the benefits, etcetera, etcetera...and I'm asking you for your email address.So, you have a decision to make.Either you can close the tab, or you can thinkabout it, look at the benefits of digitalmarketing and you might even enter your emailID.Now, if you enter your email ID, that willbecome an action.You took an action.So, for me, my sales funnel is, first makingyou aware of my existence, about my offer.Then getting your interest, helping you makethe decision of joining the digital marketingcourse, and making you take the action ofentering your email ID.It's a very simple sales funnel because, honestly,this is not exactly a sales funnel becauseI'm not selling you anything.Everything is free in this case.Similarly, you can correlate it with any product-owningcompany or a service-based company.First, they have to grab the attention orthe awareness, then the interest, then thedecision and then making the people buy theirproduct or service.The more expensive the product, the longerand more complicated the sales funnel willbe.Because it's harder to get someone to pay.All of these might sound confusing, but trustme it's not.Just keep watching the lessons, ask all yourdoubts in the comment sections below, or evenin the Facebook group.And soon you will become a digital marketingpro.Another important area is the conversion rateoptimization.This is a moderate concept in digital marketingbut a very important one.Conversion optimization helps you in gettingmore out of your funnel.Like in the last case when it cost more inthe sales funnel.I'll again take this example here.So, here we have a landing page of the freedigital marketing course.Let's say a hundred people visited this page.And out of those hundred people, let's say30 people put their email ID here and subscribefor the course.If I can get 50 people to subscribe for thesame course instead of 30, then for the samecost, I am getting more benefit, right?Because I am already spending money to acquirethose hundred visitors.So, if more people are entering their emailID that's a better conversion rate for me.So, this is where conversion rate optimizationcomes into play.So here you must have seen this exit pop-up.After some time, this pop-up opens up.So this helps in getting a better conversionrate optimization, getting more email subscribers.So, this is a tactic for conversion rate optimization.Similarly, there are many different tacticsused to increase the conversion rate of alearning page, or a product page, or a salespage.In an essence, CRO is all about percentageof people going from one stage of the funnelto the next stage.Now, CRO can drastically affect the performanceof your funnel.Because for the same expense, you'll be makingmore money from your funnel.And CRO is all about A/B testing.A/B testing is when you test two differentvariants and see which one is performing better.I'll again mention that this all might soundconfusing, but once you get the hang of it,it will be a piece of cake.Now, there are other modules for digital marketingas well, like ecommerce marketing, video marketing,influencer marketing.We will be covering all of these in our module.So don't worry, you will become a pro digitalmarketer by the end of this course.Now, this is the important step I was tellingyou about in the start of the video.In my seven plus years of digital marketingexperience, one thing I can tell you is thatI have learned digital marketing not by watchingvideos or not by reading articles, yes, Ihave done that as well.I have watched a lot of videos, read thousandsof articles.I have bought expensive courses, just to learnwhat I am teaching you today.But the real learning came, when I startedimplementing everything.

The best way to learn digital marketing, is through practice.I'll keep mentioning the same line again andagain in the future videos as well.But trust me guys, if you have taken thisfirst step of learning digital marketing,make sure you don't waste your time by justlooking at the videos, but rather implement,rather take action.Digital marketing is not like a book whereyou just mock up things and clear the exam.Here it is everything about practice.You need to implement everything I tell youin all the videos.And the first step, is to start a blog.Practical knowledge is hundred times morepowerful than compared to theoretical knowledge.You'll watch the video, you'll think thatyou have understood everything, you'll beable to implement it when the time comes.But trust me guys, I used to feel the same,I used to think the same.But I only succeeded when I started implementingeverything.And the best decision of my life was to startblogging.I still remember the day, I was doing my job,my first salary was carried to my bank accountand my first online purchase was a hosting.Some of you might not even know what a blogis, or how to start a website, how to starta blog, how to even create a passive incomethrough a blog.All these will be taught to you in the nextvideo.But I just want you to understand that ifyou want to learn digital marketing, if youwant to become good at digital marketing,you'll have to practice.And the best way to practice is to implementeverything on your blog.So, in the next video, I'll be telling youall about how you can start your own blog,how you can follow your passion and createa blog about what you like.Also, having a blog in your resume, reallyeasily help you out in starting out.And don't just start the blog just becauseyou want to practice.You can also create income source from thesame blog.Just few minutes ago, I showed you the exampleof one of my websites.Which was driving 1.2 million visitors.Almost 100,000 people every month.And from that I was making more than $30,000every month.Now, I am not saying that you'll be able toachieve the same results because for me ittook many years.But at last I was able to achieve it.Because I had a vision.Because I started my first blog.So, whatever I teach you in the future videos,in the future lessons, you can implement everythingon your blog and then you can become a masterat it.The best part about digital marketing is thatyou don't have to go to an offline instituteto get the certification and all.You can learn everything, just through yourcomputer or a laptop and an internet connection.This course is completely free.I am giving you everything for free be thevideos, the checklists, the community, andeverything is free.I know many institutes out there who are charging30,000 to 60,000.I even know a few institutes that are charging100,000+ for the same course.I know students are unaware that everythingcan be learned for free.Even paying the money is fine, but I haveseen the curriculum, I have seen the topicsthey are teaching.See, the thing is that digital marketing ishighly dynamic.Everything is changing so fast.Like a few year earlier, Facebook was everything.But today people are moving away from Facebookmore towards the Instagram.Similarly, the tools are changing, the consumerperceptions are changing, the way to drivecustomers are changing.And the curriculum has been the same for theseinstitutes.They are still teaching what was working in2007 or 2010.But those things don’t work anymore.So, don't waste your money on, all these expensivecourses.Rather the best way to learn digital marketingis to start a blog.So, tomorrow I'll be telling you everythingabout what is a domain name.What is a hosting?How to start your blog.I just have one small request for you.Make a list of all the things that make youhappy.Like, in my case, it could have been salsa,it could have been guitar, it could have beendigital marketing.So what is your passion, what makes you happy?It could be cooking, it could be guitar, itcould be dogs, cats, anything.Because tomorrow, I'll be telling you howyou can start your first blog, about the passion,about the things that you love.So, I'll see you in the next lesson.I hope you understood all the components.Don't worry we will be covering the detailedexplanations in the future videos.So now, let's talk about how to learn digitalmarketing.Starting a website is the most important stepin learning digital marketing.All the knowledge I have, all the expertiseI have, is all because I implemented everythingon my website.Even today, I am constantly learning.And whatever, I learn, I make sure that Ipractice it on my website.Because practical knowledge is what definesdigital marketing.My biggest regret is taking too much timein starting my first website.I give all my students the advice on startinga blog or website as soon as possible.As it reflects positively on their resume.Whenever I’m hiring a digital marketingperson for a job in my company.If they have a blog or a website, their chancesare ten times more compare to other candidates.Every company needs a person who has practicalexperience and not just bookish knowledge.Practical is the way to learn digital marketing.Tomorrow, I'll teach you about what is a domainname, how to start a website and other basicstuff.Trust me, it's super easy.And you will be ready with a website in notime.But make sure you're ready with your niche.And also we have a special ebook for you,that will help you in deciding the right nichefor your website.You can download it below this video.And as always, if you have any questions,any doubts, you can comment on this video,you can also tweet us at "#askankur" or youcan directly ask it in the Facebook group.Thanks for watching this video, I hope youlearned something new, I'll see you in thenext lesson.

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