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The secret recipe for myopia!


The secret recipe for treating myopia! 1000 degrees myopia decreased to only 200 degreesThe provider is a practicing TCM physician and professor, and his father is also a TCM physician.One day when I was making tea and chatting, I came across this recipe.His nephew once had myopia for a thousand degrees, so he told him to cook the above prescription and drink it every day.Eight months later, myopia of the nephew dropped to only two Baidu. So this is a recipe that has been successful through personal experience.

Prescription: Longan meat + Longan core (longan with core), wolfberry.Cooking method: The above three flavors are appropriate, and boiled with water to make tea, longan kernel does not need to be broken.How to take it: Just drink it as normal tea. Drink it every day for at least two months.(If it doesn't work, you can give up and stop drinking. If it is effective and you are not satisfied, you should continue drinking.Efficacy: All eye problems related to abnormal lens of the eye, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc.

Important: Longan core must be used, and only longan meat is used, the effect is halved. Recommendation: Please drink after meals for best results.(Because the disease is in the head, and drinking after meals will make the medicine play more in the head, which is the purpose of this prescription.

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