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Can air purifier companies remove the smell of decoration by?

Can air purifier companies remove the smell of decoration by?

There is always an odor after home Nepia Whito decoration, this smell makes people smell very uncomfortable, but also worried that this smell will bring harm to their health, want to remove it, some people want to use air purifiers, air purifiers can remove the smell of decoration? Air purifier is also easy to damage for long-term use, how to maintain the air purifier?

But the effect is not obvious. The main functions of the air purifier are :

1、Dust removal
The biggest role of air purification global payments credit card processing is mainly to carry out dust removal, which includes the ability to remove dust, dust, pollen, etc.. For people with sensitive nasal information in general, the air purifier is very lack of necessary equipment.

Sterilization is an important information air purifier for pet odor function of the negative ion purifier. Like the air purifier business with negative ion function can remove indoor bacteria through effective methods, the indoor environment pollution problem decomposition without residue, the decomposition reaction products of formaldehyde, toluene and other pollutants as non-toxic and tasteless carbon dioxide and water, more systematic safety management effective.

3、Odor purification
Families who use air purifiers, especially those who choose negative ion air purifiers, usually report that the smell of smoke in their rooms dissipates after turning on the air purifier. Decorative odors, such as some smells from boards, can also be purified. Air purifiers rely heavily on cartridges, which are large and effective at removing formaldehyde.

How to maintain the air purifier

1. Clean and maintain the air purifier regularly.
Filter cleaning and maintenance. Activated carbon filter is needed to carry out a regular sun at the sun, so that we can get to ensure that the system purification efficiency. Cleaning and maintenance of the front filter. The front filter will accumulate dust after using different knowledge for a long time, which can affect the incoming air and subsequently produce the effect of environmental air purification, it is recommended that the dust be sucked away with a vacuum cleaner or cleaned with a rag, and if not, you can also choose to clean it with water directly. Deodorization filter cleaning. Some urban air purifier deodorization filter is available at the same time by water washing, both to effectively ensure the efficiency of purification treatment aspect can also extend the cycle of changing the filter.

2、Maintenance in the process of use
It is recommended to make sure the air purifier outlet is in good contact with the air purifier outlet, if the contact is not proper it may lead to the plug heating. The air purifier must be placed on a dry, solid and flat horizontal surface for use. Avoid placing objects, especially hard objects, on the open purifier. Do not hit the air cleaner with hard objects, especially the air inlet and outlet. Do not insert your hand or other objects into the air inlet of the air purifier.

Avoid using the air purifier in humid environment such as bathroom, and avoid using the air purifier in places with large temperature changes to avoid condensation inside the air purifier. Not using the air purifier for a long time means turning off the power completely to prevent water from entering the air purifier, and not using the air purifier near water sources or in places with volatile or flammable substances.
Can air purifiers remove odors? Air purifiers help to remove odors from renovations, but removing odors from renovations does not mean that there is no formaldehyde problem in the room. What about air purifiers? If you want your air purifier to be used for a long time, you should know how to maintain it when you use it in your daily life.


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