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[BTS step on point] The legendary bus stop?


Hello everyone! I'm a big Tong!Hello everyone! I'm a big Tong!But because of the double typhoon (flight) delays.Seoul is simply no typhoonTyphoon came Jiangling!Wow ... really super heavy rain.Then I think ... bad we go to the beach.I think it is not still playing style (already lowered typhoon)I have not tried this Hong Kong.This kind of weather to the sea.(Grievances ....)Wow .. you look at the road ahead.(I have heard many times before but can not hear what she was saying LOL)Wow....Hey ... seems to do it (shelter).Is this ah !!!!We are now living in the Annotation lawJiangling ~

A station built specifically for bulletproof.The shoot even when they have made out of the map.There is no routine ah? (On the brain)No routineThese waves good horror ah.But in fact I did not imagine that "beauty"Relatively simple.Yep!I first (when looking in the distance) that is not.How ah = =?!?!?!= = This is the GET?Why I was followed shook .......Others will not think we're crazy (will)Just that frame the car stopped and looked at us ....We do not know the feeling of shooting out.Can you actually see is a big wind.(With actions speak for themselves)???(Taxi drivers) should not yet go very far right.He thought we would be so fast (so the wind can not shoot).(Trying to contact the driver)No ah ...... !!!!!!!

So what?I do not know success.This Kakaotaxi.I am also using it for the first time.Is not that frame ???no no..See the car ah ....Ah .. he went wrong on the other side ah !!!Why do not we go out rowHe's far away ... where did he goHuh? He looked back(He's here?)No .. we must first go.He is back on the other side ... What are you doing!?!?!?This is not a stand ??1520 ~Not ... seems to be coming.(Weird sound).Here !!!!!!Oh? Where has he gone?Why are you goneObviously I just saw him.Because I said before the Olympics.Will he really run to that front?correct!is not it?Yes ~Hurry past itFinally succeeded in using this app to call a taxiI think we are great ~~~~~~I think this app is full of fun (?If everyone likes my channelJust remember to subscribe and leave a message Hello ~Don't forget to press "Subscribe Notifications"I watch the latest videos ahThe next movie we see Bai Bai!When we ride the KTXWe saw a ....We have to look at what the surface.I do not know why there are labels.Oh!?.Why is that? (Ami is get it XD?)

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