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Red dates are cooked with it


The red dates are cooked with "it", the child coughs again "ruthlessly", and the phlegm and lungs are no longer coughed for 2 yearsWinter is here, and the weather is very cold. Many mothers do not like winter and worry about the north wind howling. If they are not careful, they will catch a cold and get sick, especially cough and cold.

Although it may be better to go to the hospital, but the child has not only caught a cold this time, but maybe caught with a cold every few days, so it is most important to take good care of the body.Let ’s share a healthy and practical recipe. Anyone with children at home can learn. I often make this for my children.Materials: 1500g of grapefruit, 400ml of honey, 100g of rock sugar, medlar, red dates. practice:.

1. Prepare all required materials.

2. Clean the appearance of the grapefruit. You can rub it with salt, then peel the grapefruit, leaving only the yellow layer.

3. Cut the peeled skin into filaments.

4. Then soak the grapefruit skin in light salt water for at least 2 hours to reduce the bitterness.

5. Put some water in the pot, then put in the rock sugar and heat it up to melt it.

6, And then the processed grapefruit skins, boil over medium heat, and then boil until the grapefruit skin is transparent.

7. Peel some grapefruit meat for future use.

8. Pour the grapefruit meat into the grapefruit skin that has been cooked to a transparent shape. After the high heat is boiled, reduce to medium and low heat. Stir while cooking to avoid sticking to the bottom.

9. Wash the wolfberry with water, drain it, and remove the dates and shreds.

10. Pour in.

11. Cook until the finished product is sticky and the grapefruit skin is golden and translucent.

12. Add honey when it's cool and don't feel hot, and mix evenly before bottling.

13. Wait for it to cool and save in the refrigerator. Consumption after 7 days, it should be noted that the bitterness will weaken over time.

The taste is more pure.It is important to stir while cooking so that it does not stick to the pan. Don't put too much rock sugar.You should pay attention to the time when you put the grapefruit meat, just wait for the grapefruit skin to boil and then put the grapefruit meat, so that it tastes better and does not affect the taste! .Comprehensive integration of content source networks.

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