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Ways to Save Money at American Universities !!!


Hi everyone, welcome to WaWa TV.Come to American UniversityI'm Lisa,I briefly introduced community colleges in the U.S.Today I want to analyze and compare with you.American Community College.Tuition fees for general public four-year universities in the United StatesMany people may think that studying in the United States will cost a lot of money.Tuition is expensive.I tell you a good one! !! !!

Just use the right method.you! !! to you! !! It's you! !!You can also go to college in the US with very little money! !! !!There are regulations in the U.S. government.Each international student must take a minimum of 12 credits per semester.Otherwise, they may be sent off in violation of the law! !! !! Be careful, everyone! !! !!

Four-year universities usually pay tuition by semester.Here I take Berkeley as an example.Study at Berkeley.No matter how many credits you get, you have to pay about $ 20,000 in tuition each semester.In other words, you only need to pay 20,000 for 12 credits.If you get 20 credits, you have to pay 20,000.The average school will only let you get around 21 credits! !! !!Community college calculates tuition by credits! !! !!1 credit is approximately $ 120.You only need to pay 1440 yuan for 12 credits.If you get 20 credits, you only need to pay 2400 yuan.I'm going to talk a little deeperTuition and fees for 4 years at Berkeley is approximately.Around $ 160,000The tuition and fees for two years of study at a community college are aboutAround $ 10,000.What about a 2 year community college + 2 years at BerkeleyTotal tuition fee is approximatelyUSD 90,000So whoever chooses to study community college first.Can save you more than $ 70,000Which is almost 2 million Taiwan dollarsIs n’t it great?OK, let's stop here for this video today.If you like our video.Please help us likeAnd share it! !! !!Not yet subscribed to our friendsPlease click "Subscribe" below to help us subscribe! !! !!.If you have any questions you want to ask usOr want to know somethingLet us know by leaving a comment belowSee you next time.

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