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Shanghai Style Braised Chicken Wings


Little kitchen Over the SeaSong of the Wings - Shanghai Style Braised WingsMaterials(L to R,Up to Down): Light soy sauce, rice wine, dark soy sauce, Oil, chicken wings, scallions, starch, sugar.Let's get started!Wash the wings...3 - 4 slices of gingerShred the scallions. You should be quite good at this after the practice from episode 1. Chorus between the Egg and Rice.Cut the white part of the scallions into larger piecesReady!Assasin's skill: Blade of the Pheonix - WingSlash.Too Fast? No worries newbie, let Shifu slow downCut through the joints6 wings will give you 12 pieces, ideal for one meal.One little story: Pao Ding, the ancient butcher, was so skilled that he chop down beef without any efforts because his knife cuts through the joints only.Therefore if you feel much resistance from the bones, you are not doing it correctly.The key step: prepare the sauce for braising.Light Soy sauce = 3.5 soup spoons.Dark soy sauce = 1 soup spoon1 soup spoon = ~7.35 mlSugar = 5 tea spoonsmix well....Turn on the fire.A little oil in the panGinger, in use the Ginger to help you track the heat of the panWhen the ginger is sizzling, scallions in.Now, wings, in!Stir.....Brown the surface of the wings...

Rice wine, in...About this much...Vaporize some wine, and pour the sauce in...Add equal amount of water, dissolve all the remaining sauce in the bowl and in....mix well....Put on the top and cook for 7-8 minutes.Afte 7 minutes.... This is how it looks like...Observe the amount of sauce left, prevent burningAdded a little more sauce this time just to get more sauce in the result. It goes so well with rice!It is totally fine if you don't add the sauce, just skip to the thickening step....Stirrrrr.......How to make the thickening sauce? Please see 03.The Wonder with Sliced Pork and Bell Pepper5g starch + water... and just a little like this.Stirrrr~~~~!!!After adding in the starch, it will thicken very quickly so don't get it burned!Too long to translate... Basically telling you that adding a tea spoon of sugar in the end will give you miracle...Ready to serve.Finish with some shredded scallions.Done!Key points: ..... I will do it next time....

Some philosophy, basically saying learning by analogy is cool and it is always the right way for learnig >.<Thanks for Watching

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