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Cats treat you as a mother. There will be 5 performances.


Cats treat you as a mother. There will be 5 performances. Being cats needs to be really happy.The Miaoxing people seem to be very independent, and they are often immortal like meows. They are also pretending to be mature and stable, but in fact it is just a little hair child, and it is very dependent on shoveling officers.Cats need to shovel officials to eat and drink. In the eyes of cats, shovel officials are the most trusted people. As long as they have shovel officials, their cat life will definitely be very happy ...The shoveling officer has always played the role of mother cat.Although the cat does not know how to express himself in words, it is full of love for you.

When the cat feels comfortable and comfortable on your body, it will let you understand through body language, indicating that it really treats you as your own mother, so let us understand it together.Ask you for food.A cat is a snack, its high cold is often sold by its hunger, and it instantly becomes a sticky goblin ... but, cats are not willing to accept food from anyone, provided that it trusts you, Only to coquettish you for food, not even the cat's face.Like to stick to you.A cat is a fluffy little follower. It often fiddles with its tail and shoveling officer, wherever it goes, follows you hungry, follows you when you're bored, follows you when you're happy, follows you when you're unhappy ... I like you so much that you will always be under the supervision of it.Show love to you. The hard work of the shoveling officer is memorized in his heart. But it cannot be expressed in words.

In addition to the cat meowing constantly at you, it also uses body language to make you understand its mind, such as stepping on you, sweetening you, and snoring ...Waiting for you to go home. As long as there are cats in the house, the shoveler will return home very promptly.Because I knew that there was a cat waiting for me at home, I didn't dare to roam outside.At the moment you open the door every day, you will especially look forward to it, because a cute cat that will suddenly pop up to greet you will suddenly make you feel a day of fatigue ......Give you a gift.The cat is very generous. As long as the cat likes you, it can give you all his family. If one day you find that Uncle Meow is holding a gift for you, do n’t be surprised, because cockroaches and mice are the most precious things in his eyes. of.Cute cat topic: Does your cat treat you as a mother? Welcome message sharing ~.

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