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Baby farting, secrets of baby farting


When it comes to baby farting, many parents will disapprove.Because farting is just normal excretion. But baby.There is a lot of hidden information about farting, such as smell, sound.The frequency of farting, etc.Easy to ignore.1 more fart.Some attentive parents may find that during infancy.Babies especially fart, not only often, but also.Farting is still loud. Some mothers worry that the baby is not.It's because of indigestion.In fact, parents can observe the baby's fart.State, if the baby twists his body and his face is small, then.There may be indigestion. If the baby looks relaxed.Farting naturally means that your baby's digestive system is normal.Due to inadequate gastrointestinal development in infants,Because the baby will fart often, the mother need not worry too much.In addition, babies consume foods that are high in fiber and gas,Or allergies to milk will make your baby fart more. but.If your baby frequently farts and has diarrhea and constipation.Instead, it may be irritable bowel syndrome.2 air fartThe baby farts on and off, but no odor, bigIn most cases, intestinal motility increases after gastrointestinal emptying.Into. If you still hear bowel sounds, it means your baby is hungry.Mother should feed in time.3 smelly farts.When the baby's fart is accompanied by a sour smell, the mother should not care.This is a manifestation of your baby's indigestion. At this moment, mother wants to give.Babies who increase water, reduce fat and high protein foodsIntake.

4No fartI also encountered an example before: there is a male treasure 4.For more than a month, I rarely fart, and my mother is proud.Praise your baby's health, unlike other babiesThis often farts.Actually, when the baby has no fart and no urination, and is constantly noisy.When uneasy, parents must not care, at this time they should pay attentionStomach obstruction.5 collapse of feces when farting.Some mothers found that when their baby was farting.Bring out a little stool. This has something to do with baby indigestion.Off, pay attention not to add too much milk, drink plenty of water. In addition.Mother should pay attention to cellulose when adding complementary food to baby.Increase.After understanding the baby's "fat", are the parents stunned?Dawu, it turns out that a "fat" is also hidden like thisMore information.

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