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"Unpacking" my dishes, your expensive manual espresso machine Pink Expression


A few days ago the manufacturer of 1Zpresso gave me a box of things (not including the previous portable machine, right?)It ’s fun, I ’ll be interestedwhat is it then?One is also a manual coffee machine.But he does n’t use pressure, he uses rotation.As soon as I open it! It's my dish ... yes!but? Not too cheap!How much would you like to spend on a manual espresso machine?Wait a moment, let's try how powerful he is? !!Wow! Very heavy!This is about five kilogramsWow ~With their stickers insideBrewing head over hereThere is also a grip ~Oh ~ good ~There are two (58mm) powder cups, one single (14g) and two (21g)Then ... I personally like to use double servings.There is also a packer, not plastic! Is metallic.Quite FU (feeling, fan, forced).Base.Put the water tray in.There is a lid over here.This is my dish!This should be his handle! What a nice view! So textureWhat is the first step in assembly? There are two holes here!Just put it in, he has threads insideNext is the handleIs a hexagonalSmall screw, lock it up!

Watch here!So he runs (inducing stress).Add water from here.Damn! This water stop valve! To be locked up!almostLet him warm up, otherwise it will be coldWhile he's warming up, let's grind a bean!Blessing Formula.Add some hot water! Alright ~Clear the brewing head first (by the way, warm up)Grip upThere is a pressure gauge over here, the powder is too fine (or turning too fast) the meter will burst!Get off the red ones! Otherwise, I'm afraid it's broken.Come! StartCream (fat) looks like this.It just happened that Hao delivered! Come and drinkconcentrate! Full manual without electricity! You drink.Blessing FormulaHmm ~ It's not the same as the machine.Softer.Wow ~ That's awesome!He can take it outVery heavy! It ’s only 5 kilograms.Wow ~ this manual one is hard to come by!Thank you, Hao! Great ~Hey ~ Strong? !!The asking price is 50,000 yuan (NTD) (about CNY11,500; USD1,600)It's a collectible item.50,000 yuan, buy a manual coffee machine, only for espressoThe quality (concentration) he made is really good!As for whether to start?It depends on how deep you are in your concentrated "love"? !! good or not? !!

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