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The Hong Kong Institute of Education" will become the past, welcome the name "Hong Kong Education University"


Today is May 18, 2016, and the education community will remember this day,This will be a milestone for the Hong Kong Institute of Education,It is also an important page in the history of education in Hong Kong.I noticed that Professor Zhang Bingliang was also here, as the former principal of the Faculty,I believe he will also consider today an important day.

Later, the ordinance will pass, and the "Hong Kong Institute of Education" will pass.Its new name is: "Hong Kong Education University".I have a very close relationship with the Faculty,From 1995 to 2006, I taught in the academy for 11 years and 4 months.It is the longest job in my career.Served as a elected school director for about one year from 1997-98.In 2006, I and Dr. Li Guocan founded a small class teaching and research center.I am currently a consultant at the Faculty Center of Excellence.Ten years ago, I was also one of the protagonists of the famous "Academy Storm".The academy was formed by the merger of the original five schools.The EC report No. 5 proposes a merger,But there is no obvious plan for the faculty to become universities,But as other institutions, such as Baptist Church and Polytechnic, have their names changed,Society generally feels that the Faculty is being treated coldly,Attraction among institutions has also declined.Therefore, at the beginning of the return, Tung Chee-hwa set a new policy.All teachers need full training and a full degree.This policy is very important.The academy also started offering degree programs in 1998.Non-degree diploma courses are gradually fading out.Formally proposed the name of the college to be a university,Professor Xu Meide, the second president of the Institute,As a comparative educator,That East Asia has a good tradition of normal universities,Therefore, it is proposed that the Faculty should be renamed as University,Once promoted this idea to Ms. Lin Liqiaoru, then UGC Chairman,No formal application was made. obvious,The new idea of ​​what was then called the University has become a Faculty,With the efforts of the Faculty members,In 2004, he also obtained the self-assessment qualification for education courses.

When an institution is qualified for self-assessment,In fact, it's just a step away from calling university.This is just what everyone thinks.Around 2004, many things actually happened ...

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