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Macromelia: Man has a almost half a meter long foot


Liu Huichang is 21 years old and lives in Quxian, Sichuan Province.His right foot is huge. It is 43 cm tall and 14 cm thick, very unusual.From his childhood to this day he has never been able to wear a normal shoe.His grandmother makes shoes for his foot.Currently, Liu Huichang is visiting a special doctor in Chongqing to let him treat his sick foot.His right foot is twice as large as the left.Liu Huichang first noticed that his right foot was larger than the left when he was a child.The sick foot grew quickly. Today, he cannot wear normal shoes and pants anymore.The inner side of the pants have a zipper to allow him to dress and undress more easier.His grandmother has made the shoe for him.When I was 3, 4 years old,I noticed it that the foot is a bit bigger than the other one.

It continued to grow slowly.When I was 5, 6, is was much bigger than the left foot.I couldn't get any shoes anymore in normal shops. Then my grandmother began to make my shoes.Once a year she makes a new shoe for me.If it does not rain, or if I have well protected himI can wear the shoe two years.But sometimes I need a new shoe every year.The giant foot impaires Liu Huichang everyday.When walking, he is limping.Liu Huichang's greatest wish is to have a normal foot again.He wants to live like a normal human.My greatest desire is that my foot can be treated.That's my only wish.I hope that I can wear normal shoes one day, like others.I would like to play table tennis or basketball like the other boys. But I can not.He visited many doctors. Again and again they all advised him to do a leg amputation.But Liu Huichang does not want to lose his leg.The doctors at the Southwest Chongqing hospital investigated Liu Huichang's foot.The doctor in charge, Professor Tang Kanglai, has opted for surgery.

The boy has a macromelia.This leads to deformation of the leg and the foot.It is a very complex disease.The main problem is the Macromalia.It is a very rare and congenital disease.In a first step, Liu Huichang is being operated at the toes.Professor Tang will proceed with the surgery step by step to make the operations more easy to stand.

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