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Canadian winter trip to villa


Then good morning.Below Canada it was -30, and I could feel the inside of my nostrils freezing.I feel that icicles are forming and my lips are frozen, so I can't even speak normally.But anyway, we are going to give you now that you already know us, you can join a cabin tourPlanning to spend our winter vacation in Florida but it's all the same as my familyDecided to rent a chalet.A beautiful cabin, so we spent eight nights in the forest.We are like Kingston and 30 minutes north of Sealy Bay.We are by the lake.Beautiful area, my dog ​​is here.I was bitten by a dog.Hey Togo.Hey baby Togo.German shepherd.So anyway this video will become the cabin because it is a beautiful home.So let's walk in before the freeze. 

Our layer is off and we will start the tour.come together.Togo.come.Come to Togo.Okay now we thaw inside the house and we are finally about to startSo we have to start leveling from the ground.Now we are in the mud room, so we already have this collection of boots and winter clothingSpread everywhere.Look at those guys.All boots.So yes, let's start with the living area because I think this is the best partIn this house.This is the best part of the house.come on.We have my parents out.They are running away.Sorry, we are leaving.They ran out of the living room.Now they run away.Haha.Yes, but this is a living area.This is a place where everyone of us is playing for a single day.We have this huge fireplace heating the entire space.So I would say this might be part of my favorite house.right here.We've all been including dogs all the time.serious.

Just like a dog is the smartest dog in the house.It ended up sleeping here at night.Yes, it just curled up on a blanket in front of the fireplace.Yes, it is just bewildered or less by the fire.Yes, so this is the living area.We have these three big leather sofas, many pillows.We also brought a lot like fuzzy blankets from home and we could get together here.Yes, if you look at it you can really see that this is a cabin.Yes.Act as your wall as if you had these huge trunks.I must show you this.Yes.Look at this guy.It's very crazy.Yes.They also decorate it like the Olympics.The 2010 Olympic Games in Canada.So they like a lot of cool little details like banners and sportsEquipment like snowshoes.Yes.Skiis.sled.And in the basement they have more exercise equipment.Yes.They have more posters, they are like a table football table.Mmmhmm.

An air hockey table.Like it is, but we will soon reach the basement enough.They must be sports enthusiasts.they are.So let's continue here.Then we have such an open kitchen and dining area.Yes.So we have big tables like banquets.We have been seven people.We will be a week after eight people and it's completely fine.We all have enough space.Well, then this big kitchen.It's like this is the first time I've seen a kitchen with two sinks.Two sinks.Two sinks.They are not small.Yes.So this is the first one if I move here.This is the second.There are some dirty dishes there.Oh yeah.We have dirty plates and it looks like we have some good meat dishes tonight.We will make pies.Check opinion guys.This is the location of the car.It has been snowing, and the temperature is the same, you know it is below -30.We've almost gone out to hug it yeah but we can't go outToo long at that temperature.Hahaha.No.As you can see, we have brought enough food to feed a small army.Yes.We are a small army.We are.We all love the food of our family.

Yes.So we have been eating well here.Many family meals.A lot of snacks.A lot of hot chocolate.A lot of coffee.Yes, then why don't you show the bedroom on the floor.There is actually one more thing.I need to show you wine.What is it called?Wine rack?Yes.Wine rack.Wine rack.So this looks like an old canoe that turned into a wine rack.Yes, check it.There is also an interesting story we have been to LCBO from here, we bought enough wineBecause we think it will be 8 days.So I think we took 10 bottles with us.Ten or eleven.That will be enough, today is the fourth day.one left.There is a lone bottle left.There is one on the table.That's it.Yes i think we underestimated but the good thing about this is my two sistersMust return to Toronto.Yes.jobs.So they will return more wine.They returned with more wine.Well, yes.Okay, let's continue.Let's show the bedroom here.

Ok.bedroom.My beautiful dog.bag.Hey bags.See he has his beautiful little sweater on.Togo.With his name.Have his name.He won't let me show his name.Let me show the name.Togo gives up.Have his name.Alright, bedroom.We have two bedrooms on this floor.And each of our single rooms has double beds.So basically you can see the whole house is these huge logswall.This is amazing.It feels so warm and welcoming here.It does.We have a huge telescope.Giant telescope.Yes.Then view the view from here.See how much snow we have.Wow!We didn't spend much time on the balcony of this place.Sam tried to shovel here on our first night.I did it.But it needs more.Look at those icicles.people.Yes.Oh yeah.Oh yeah.It's like the typical Canadian winter weather.Yes.Heart in winter.Even if these are so Canadian.Yes, it's like checking.Yes.I will tell you the bedroom next door.Togo.Be careful.Baby Togo.This dog is a great holiday dog ​​too.The dog loves it.He likes it here.Yes, so this room is similar.Another double bed.Decorate as if it were a country of life.Yellow and red and green.Yes.So yes, it's really good.Well, then we have a bathroom here on the first floor.So we will show you upstairs soon.Yes, this is 3 levels.There is a basement and there is too upstairs.Yes.Yes.Come to Togo.Come to Togo and tell us the bathroom.Tell us the bathroom.Tell us the bathroom.So yes, we have a big shower.Toilet.sink.Yes.This is the shower here.

This is the bathroom.And sink.They also left us a bathroom of reading materials.We have a bunch of national geographic information systems.They must know that I will come.Because I like to read in the bathroom.God.They knew I would come.Haha.OK, let's go upstairs now.Yes.So now we go up the stairs and the stairs are amazing.It's like checking these people.These stairs surprised me because there was a gap between themstep.And I think if your socks are slippery you can really get your feet in there.but no matter.Then look at this.I was shooting and didn't even touch the railing right away.Haha.If that's not weird, I don't know what it is.Yes, so this is the second floor.Once you get up, we will get you turned around so you can see the opinions.Yes, look at these people.Check out.Wow.It is basically a forest.I want to zoom in.There is also a lake.The lake was frozen.Zoom in on you.Look at that.Wow.Surprise-ball.Amazeballs.Absolutely great.So let's start with the game room.Yes.There must be lights here.we are leaving.

So we have spent a little bit of time here actually because this place is being trackedWith board game.We have a collection of puzzles, monopoly, trivial pursuits.So we have been playing games at night.The heat rises, so we have been here for strategic reasons.Yes.But this is where we have been playing. Most of the games are here.Yes, it's like a big part.We have a TV.That's cool.It reminds me of the Disney movie "Sleeping" Beauty.Haha.But yes, this is the game room, so now let ’s continue in the opposite direction to oursThere are more bedrooms to show you.Yes, we do.I forgot how many bedrooms there are, but it can sleep 10 people.We can accommodate 10 people.10 people, it's not like a sleeping sofa or something.No, you have your own room with your own bed.Okay, I'm just turning on our lights here.Yes, so my two sisters are sleeping here, so this is another bedroomDouble bed.Very cool Canadian details.Yes, details.duck.Water dragon.Look at that.Yes i also like how they have antiques like that look like an old little crib iThink of a baby.Yes.It looks like a crib.I think so.Yes.I think so.It rocks.It rocked like a crib.So you can rock and sleep.So right next door, we have another bedroom.We will tell you as soon as possible.

I know this may start to become more important and looks very similar and repetitive becauseIt is basically a single room just like every double bed.But they have worked hard to be different you know there are different photos thereIt is a different kind of room for each kind of decoration.So they have put in some effort to make every room.This man has a rocking chair.I didn't even notice this.I'm really not here.Yes, we also have a lot of farm tools to decorate this house.Like there.I do n’t even know what it ’s called?But I know it is agricultural equipment.Well, we will conclude the second level tour.Now we are going to the basement.Oh, we didn't show the bathroom.Ah yes.Oh, so the bathroom.There is a huge bathtub here.Oh.This is envy.I envy the people at the top.I'm not even here.Can you imagine having a bubble bath? It's like a glass of wine here.Nice bathtub, shower, toilet.Yes.cool.Ok, now we are going to end this tour on the second floor and take you to the basementAlso known as a human cave, I also hang out outside.So I think yes, you are invited into the cave of people.That's where we live at night.OK, let's go.Alright, so we showed you the ground floor, and we've got you upstairs.Now we are going to the dungeon.

The cellar we live in.Let's go to the basement.Haha.I really like it here.The space left by anyone is the biggest here, but the only downfall is that it isFarthest place in the entire apartment.Not an apartment.house.building.Yes, it's like a mansion hut.This is not an apartment.Alright, we've been here, I've been here to do a little work on this table.This has always been a great little watch.We have three chairs and a sofa.All nearby firewood burners.Oh yeah.We have a smaller version.This actually reminds me a lot that I used to have gold on Vancouver IslandRiver.This may be related to this size.We have been in this state except for one day and all night.Like sometime in the middle of the night, I'll be like my gosh, it's as cold as 4In the morning.I came out here and liked it. What's wrong has stopped working.But you know what?As long as you like to straighten your arms, it will get cold and come out under the blanket.Otherwise, it is good toast.Yes, they gave us a nice blanket.Yes.We also brought some of our own wool blankets.Yes.So we tied up before bed.

We put on our track pants and our clothes and long underwear.In true Canadian style.It's really Canadian.OK, let's continue.Well, so I will show you the game room first.This is a very cool place.So here we have table football.I don't know if you are good at table football.I am horrible.I remember not playing for a long time, oh my gosh.I didn't lose well.If we turn around here, it's cool like an old school desk.God.Look at that.This is your school supplies.do you know?I used to have these when I was in school.In Montreal.Yes, I am old enough to use one of these desks as well.Yes.They are definitely not new.And here it is, because we last went to Kingston for a yearThis is the local hockey team Kingston Frontenacs.

We saw them play a few times.We did it.I drag you to a few games.Yes, you do.Yes then here we got an air hockey table if you guys don't know this is aThe more famous Canadian hockey player is from Quebec.Belivo.He likes Jean Jean Beliveau to win many Stanley Cups.Like it is, he is one of the best players all day.Here it looks like karaoke. We haven't even tried this machine yet.Just like a sofa.And TV.Of course, we never watch TV.So even other families don't watch TV.We do Netflix and we all have our own computers and phones and devicesOur own thing.Well, I will tell you these bathrooms before we go to the bedroom.

Ok.So our bathroom was relatively small, but it also had a very good size shower.Like the amazing water pressure here.Like absolutely amazing water pressure.Good hot water.So it's actually when you think you will think this cold is coldThe shower will be tortuous, but it is actually a joy.A joy.It's a joy.There was really good hot water.Then again it was nicely decorated.You can see there are stones and stone feathers here.Looks like there are shells.Then came the antlers.Other than that, this is a basic one.This is your basic standard toilet.This is by far the largest place we have ever visited.So I know.Far from it.It feels like it will last forever.bedroom.come in.So this is our bedroom.This is our bedroom.This is where we have been sleeping.It's nice and comfortable.They have singled out good quality mattresses.

You can see what our drawing layers have, so we have oh yes.The two furry blankets I brought home.next.Next wool.I sleep between them like a sandwich.Then, of course, we have bed sheets. We already have three floors.Plus the warm clothes we wear.So yes, we are going to sleep, which is nice and warm.Well, basically this is really the end of what's in this place.Yes.But all we can do is take you out to the balcony and show you more opinions.Okay, there is time to bind.Time binding.once again.We are going back.So the last place is for you to see the balcony. This may be two feet of snow.We are not really shoveling here.There is another dog right in front of us.And dog.So yes, we will tell your opinion.We have a lake there.This must be beautiful in summer.We also have barbecue.Yes.We won't barbecue this time.So we will leave your opinion, icicles and a few shots of me shoveling snow.How about that.And my dog ​​is playing in the snow.And dogs also play.Togo.Togo.Come here Togo.Come.Wow.Haha.

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