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Life is like the darkness of the origin of the game


Without AbrahamLincoln, and really his beard,Milton Bradley, thegodfather of board gameswould have never existed.Bold statement, I know,but let me explain.(upbeat music)The Game of Life.The spinner, the cars, the choices,college or career, kids orno kids, lawyer or farmer.

This family game night staplewas once a pretty morbid game.Back in the 1800s, Milton Bradley wasin the lithograph business.Following the RepublicanNational Convention of 1860,Bradley printed thousandsof images of Abraham Lincolnwho was clean-shaven at the time.Shortly thereafter, Lincolndebuted his iconic beard,rendering all of Bradley'sprints worthless.His lithograph business went belly up.So, Bradley was forcedto try something new.

He came up with a boardgame, a seemingly darkand twisted board game,appropriately namedThe Checkered Game of Life.The game functioned in asimilar way to how it does now.There was a spinner,colored circles that movedaround the board, and of course squaresthat could either make you or break you.The squares on the originalgame were overwhelmingly grim,boasting actions like disgrace, poverty,ruin, crime, prison, and well, suicide.Regardless, the game flew off the shelves.Kids loved it and Milton Bradley went onto own family game night.Fast forward to abouta hundred years later.They revamped the game, tradingBradley's morbid squaresfor the more delightful oneslike payday, or graduation,which we have all come to know and love.And so there you have it, thestory of the game called Life.Thanks, Lincoln.(bright music)

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