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Alunimum Anodizing Services at Affordable Rates

Alunimum Anodizing Services at Affordable Rates

X-rapidtech has vast experience and expertise in metal finishing and provides excellent quality anodized aluminum service at affordable rates.

With many years in this industry and use of excellent machinery and craftsmanship makes X-rapidtech the perfect company for all kinds of services like anodized aluminum products and anodized aluminum color coating services. At X-rapidtech we have an expert team and state of the art technologies that enable us to build all kind of products or model with anodized aluminum.

If you need metal models or prototypes of high quality with superior mechanical properties then X-rapidtech is the company you should go for.

Applications of Anodized Aluminum

Applications of Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is both durable as well as low maintenance and can be used for a wide variety of applications. It gives your products or models unmatched durability, and anodized aluminum color coating is generally used for decoration purposes making products attractive and colorful. Hard coat anodizing doesn’t allow the metal to leak from the surface. Some of the major use of Anodized Aluminum includes.

· Aviation

· Automotive industries

· Electronics

· Sporting Goods

· Dental equipment

· Military equipment

· Home furnishing and much more

Our services

X-rapidtech is a leader when it comes to anodized aluminum service, and we provide a wide range of services. In addition to the traditional electrochemical anodizing and hard coat anodizing service, we also offer a bright dip process that gives metals a very shiny and colorful look. These aesthetically pleasing anodized aluminum color finishes are rich in color, and we can also give it mirror finishing, which can be used for decorative purposes or in home furnishing.

Architectural anodizing is another service we offer. Using the architectural anodizing process, we can build highly durable and long-lasting building exteriors that give durability to the building and also enhances their look.

You can hand over us any kind of projects and we guarantee you full satisfaction. We keep you updated with the manufacturing process all the time and thanks to our high-end machinery and experienced team, we can give high-quality anodized aluminum coating on different metals.

How does the Anodized aluminum process work?

Aluminum anodizing and anodized aluminum color coating process requires expertise and accuracy. High quality anodizing of aluminum can only be achieved with the use of hi tech machinery. Here is how the anodized aluminum process works.

First of all the material that needs to be anodized in cleaned. The surface is cleaned to remove and dirt before the metal is placed in electrolyte bath.

The electrolytic solution used for anodized aluminum or anodized aluminum color coating is either made of sulfuric acid or of chromic acid. Now once the metal which is to be anodized is dipped in the electrolytic solution a positive charge is sent to the aluminum. At the same time negative charge is applied to the plates in the electrolytic solution.

This is how the electrochemical reaction starts. This reacting opens up the pores of the aluminum so that positive charged ions can escape. This results in the formation of a layer due to the combination of negative ions and aluminum surfaces. This thick barrier layer formed in known as anodized aluminum coating.

For anodized aluminum color coating to the layers, generally, a pigment of the required color is injected to the pores. This results in anodized aluminum color coating, which gives metal a really shiny and attractive look.

Benefits of anodized aluminum

There are a number of benefits when it comes to anodized aluminum coating. Most importantly it is done to make the product durable and hard. Anodized aluminum color coating is used for decorative purposes, and a wide range of color coating can be given to the aluminum easily.