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Replace PDF, an article to read the domestic OFD file format


First of all, OFD is known as Open Fixed Layout Document, which is an electronic file format.

According to the storage format, electronic file format can be divided into streaming files and format files.

Streaming data files, in layman's terms, is in the circulation process, teachers can be edited through the direct impact of the document,pdf to word converter offline software free download full version modify the document, for example, the most typical Word documents, in the online circulation may be needed by others to modify, or in different system versions of Word software and computers, after opening the layout may lead to some deviation.

Obviously, this type of document is not suitable for use in some serious and formal situations,word to pdf converter online i love pdf such as business documents, electronic documents and various credentials.

The counterpart is formatted documents. Formatted documents are not easily tampered with during circulation. Generally, only some annotations or signatures are supported. In addition, format documents are opened in different software, computers and other terminals, the layout and content are highly consistent, so the format of the document is suitable for some serious and formal occasions.

For example, PDF is a typical format file.merge word documents online i love pdf We see a variety of PDF format official electronic documents and credentials.

In addition to PDF, there are many kinds of format files, such as CAJ files in e-books, Mobi files and so on.

Today we are talking about OFD documents, is a formatted document, the goal of PDF, its biggest feature is that this is our own research and development, independent development of formatting documents formatting standards.

This standard, led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software Division of the China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute set up a version of the writing group to develop national standards.

Then the question comes, PDF used well. Why do we have to make another OFD file format? There are several main reasons.

First of all, the problem of disunity. At present, you can use the format of PDF format, CEB format and so on more than ten kinds. They come from different manufacturers and different technologies, and there is no unified standard, which will lead to obstacles in the exchange of documents between different organizations, different enterprises, and the long-term archiving of documents is difficult.

Secondly, we know that in the current office document market, from Adobe's PDF undoubtedly occupies the absolute mainstream, and in the PDF reading tools in the market, Adobe's Adobe Acrobat DC to 55.18% of the market share in the leading position, and domestic manufacturers Foxit Fuxin ranked second, but the market share of only 1.92%.

Behind this there is a very serious problem, that is, in the version of the document technology, we are currently difficult to achieve independent control, if we need to do some documents we want to do some of the main for the domestic special areas of technology expansion, it is easy to be subjected to external vendors, or if their own future Adobe stop technology authorization, that there may be a lot of documents to suffer economic losses, resulting in the impact of a lot of trouble.

Another point is that, due to our self-developed, independently controllable formatting file format, compared with PDF and other formatted documents, OFD has certain technical advantages.

First of all, OFD documents use XML to describe the data and structure, it is simple, safe, open and easy to expand.

Secondly, OFD supports domestic encryption algorithms, with a comprehensive security anti-theft system, and combined with digital signature technology, anti-tampering, rejection, more secure.

Once again, it can be read and used permanently, can be stored for a long time, and can be presented accurately. The format content of the document can be consistent in different scenarios and devices.

Fourth, support a series of issues directly affecting the archiving of the relevant documents to deal with.

These advantages are summarized in the PDF Foundation to join the many applications based on the needs of our society on-site functionality.

For the above reasons, in the use and promotion of independent research and development, self-control format of the document is very necessary and urgent, the birth of OFD is to fulfill this mission.

In fact, from the birth of OFD to today, the promotion of OFD standard format in China is also in a gradual process.

In short, the core functions and experiences of OFD format files are now available. What's more important is how to popularize it faster and make it popular in various industries. The key is to fall faster to the specific production aspects of the electronic archives industry, so as to naturally promote the popularization of OFD files from top to bottom.

Can be foreseen through the foreseeable, the localization of PDF alternative is a major trend, just a matter of time sooner or later, with the society of this trend of the times continue to deepen the advancement, there will be an impact on more and more corporate culture to join the OFD version of the design documents in the market, the use of different people to become more, that is, the OFD accumulation of a certain amount of influence of the process of quantitative change until the general public are able to accept the OFD version of the documents Until the general public is able to accept OFD's layout file format and manage it as a common file format for daily office work and life, this is the moment when OFD's mission is accomplished.